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  • Profile: First of all: I, like many others, are now DAMN happy that is now hosting videos for free. I thank them for doing it, I thank whoever had the bright idea, and I hope everyone will click the banner ads once-in-a-while so they can keep this wonderful service online. And if you got a few pennys hanging around, donate. These people do good work, and need the coin to keep it up.

    Next, me. Black Mage Studios. Came about because of my participation in a group costume for 8-Bit Thatre / Final Fantasy 1. I was the Black Mage, and five of my friends handled the other five roles. I made my first AMV on a whim in three days to meet the deadline for CNAnime 2002. Now, I'm not bitter, if I loose a contest then I lost, I won't bitch. But I will say this, there were fourteen videos, twelve of the videos had the audince making no more noise then a tomb (all four of the winners were included in that twelve I might add). My video, and the video before mine, (it was really good, someone know what it was? rapidly switching scenes making it look like difernt animes were combined?) were the only ones that got an audience responce. And even then, both videos got screaming ovations. I'm not bitter, I just politly reccommend that judeges include how much noise a 1500 person audeince makes in thier consideration.

    On the brigher side, I'm making a new AMV for CNAnime 2003 that should kick a tad more ass. And since I'm useing more then just VirtualDub (virtualDub is great in it's own world, but doesn't stand up against Adobe Premire for making music videos) it should be better. Sync too! Wow, sync in a video, who'd have thought it?

    So please give my videos a shot, I worked very hard. After all, I download yours.

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