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  • Profile: I'm a down-to-earth fangirl (is that even possible? XD j/k), who is into many animes and mangas, be it shoujo or shounen.

    My favorite manga and anime of all time is Ouran High School Host Club. Don't believe me? Then you should probably check out my Ouran fansite, For Richer or Poorer. It's been around for a little more than a year and still going strong. Check it out if you want to learn more about the wonderful series.

    I'm also a big shipper of pairings. I like all kinds - het, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, etc. I'm open to everything, even those crazy crack pairings you may hear about.

    I know my first video was kind of lame (Start of Something New - Naruto/Hinata), but seriously, it was my very first vid. Everyone has to start somewhere, ne? ^^;;

    I hope you at least enjoy my Ouran Host Club vids because I believe those are much better. Plus, they were all made from RAW footage - no yucky subtitles there! ^_^

    *bows* Please enjoy my videos and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. =0D

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Ouran High School Host Club (TV)
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