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  • Member: krysyuy
  • Title: It's Only Love - Tamaki/Haruhi
  • Premiered: 2006-06-17
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    • Heather Nova It's Only Love
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  • Comments: It's Only Love
    A Tamaki/Haruhi Vid

    (AU Vid) Tamaki reminisces on his relationship with Haruhi. But all the good memories are overshadowed by the bad ones, especially the fateful day on the beach when all their fighting began. In the end, Tamaki wishes he had acted differently, but as the fight lingers in his mind, there is nothing left but regrets.

    Because Ouran is mainly a comedy, I was seeing a lot of funny vids awhile back. I wanted to do the exact opposite. This vid was completed after the airing of Episode 11 - Big Brother is a Prince.

    This was only my second Ouran vid, so I hope the black and white worked. ^^;; If not, oh well. I still hope you guys enjoy watching~! ^_____^

    Note: "AU" means "Alternate Universe"
    Program Used: Windows Movie Maker

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