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    Aug 2002 - AFO 3 - "Your Video Smokes Cloves" Judges Award - A Shot in the Dark
    March 2003 - FITCon - "Most Original Concept" Award - The Trial of Sir Hellsing
    Aug 2003 - AFO 4 - "Best Technical" Award - Regrets
    May 2004 - JACON 2004 - "Best Disney" Award - Run Simba Run
    August 2004 - AFO 5 - "Best Drama" - Gravedigger Robin
    April 2006 - JACON 2006 - "Best Action" - Appleseed to In The Air Tonight (Upload soon)

    So I had a lack of ideas for about 2 year there. Between school, real world job, and starting back up things have jumbled big time. Busted butt earlier this year to try and hit a revival. The Appleseed video did that for me. Helped me feel like I could get back into video editing and enjoy it again. Working so much and doing so much schooling is, well, a pain especially since neither has anything to do with video editing! So, hopefully I'll get another video out soon. I've been hankering to do a real fast action packed video. I've got some great titles I want to work with, but music has been a challenge as of late. I especially don't want to do something someone else may already have done and may have done better then I could. Of course, if they did it worse, it's fair game! Hahahaha.

    I've noticed a surge is sheer number of artists lately, and a lot of the old school talent has become scarce in the Florida arena. Still some goodies around, but it's almost like there is a new generation. It's got it's ups and downs and I especially like new artists who take pride in what they do and search out advice. Very few AMV artists are amazing, I certainly don't consider myself among them, but it's good to know there are people out there who will try to be like them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my vids and hopefully I'll have more to share soon! I've kept my old profile since there is some good info in there too. See below.

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    Checkm8 here. Figured I'd put a lil' something about me and my style here, since like other people do it and stuff... Well, lets see, I wanted to get into music videos for over a year and a half after learning that you can do em on the computer "WOW! SHOCK! GASP!" and all. So, finally, after JACON 2002 I sat down and start out. This is mostly thanks to Brett Weaver's video - that was pretty cool man and of course EK's Adventures in Video Editing - OH SO TRUE! Using ErMac's guide and some bumping along the way, I did the Soultaker and Vamp D vids. Lost focus on SoulTaker, but Vamp D came out as I wanted it. So, from there I've continued on. My goal? To avoid mainstream as MUCH as possible, to be as individual as possible, to develop something common in my vids to identify me, and well, to be cool! Yeah, we can all dream! I'm starting on my venture with no prior video editing experience, no tutorials, and the grace of a few cool people who are givin me tips along the way. Give em a shout out!

    Anyway, I'm real heavy into industrial music, so I'm sure MOST of my vids will be using it, but I'm an open minded kinda guy, so basically any electronic music medium will be used. I'll hit on some mainstream stuff along the way (I've got a vid or two planned as such) but that will be far from my focus! I really want to try and do new stuff, take new angles, and ALWAYS want to make a point with my video. I'll admit I'll be releasing some "fangirl" crowd oriented vids, cause I like to hear people scream! But that'll be rare ;-)

    Well, you guys take it easy, and hopefully you'll be seeing at least one vid from me sooner or later!

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Flame of Recca
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
Fruits Basket
Gundam Wing
Record of Lodoss War (OAV)
Tenjou Tenge
Cowboy Bebop
Vampire Hunter D
Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning (movie)
Last Exile (TV)

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