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  • Profile: Well, a while back, sometime around the beginning of the year 2001, i believe, I started downloading these music videos I found on some random sites. I saw these videos... they had anime in them..... and they had them set to music. An interesting bit of information I had obtained that day. I no longer remember what videos they were, but they were pretty good ones in my opinion. One day, I thought, heck, maybe I should make a music video... but what to do... My favorite TV series was Transformers, so I thought what the heck, I might as well. Granted, that video is not one of my best, but then again, it was my first/second (stopped halfway through to make my dogma one). Those two videos gave me the background in premiere to do my better videos in the future. Most of this knowledge was gained by blindly messing around with stuff until I understood it, only occasionally looking at the help file, and fine tuning after wards.

    I've not always been into anime, no. For the longest time I was quite against it. But before you flame me, you must know, that at that time, what I thought anime was, was limited to Sailor Moon, and DragonBall Z. The great plot developement in DBZ really brought my opinions about anime way down. The way that the American edits of Sailor Moon seemed to mimic an episode of the Power Rangers (some personal problem with a character, evil character releases something for the good guys to fight, they fight for 2 minutes, done, everybody happy, roll credits) also brought it down. I'm not bashing Sailor Moon there though, I do find what i've seen of the japanese version (not much) by far superior to the American edits (as it should be). But then again, one reason I disliked both orriginally was the fact they were dubbed too. Dubbing always sounds kind of tinny (you know, reminiscint of tin, example: a badly encoded MP3 in way too low of a bitrate), and out of place (especially after hearing the japanese voices).

    Anyway, that turned around on day whilest I was bored. I was talking to a friend of mine, and I turned on PBS, they were showing Evangelion that night... episode 19 or 20, i believe (it was either the fight with the angel that lopped off Eva02's arms and head, that rei tried to blow up with the N2, and that caused Eva01 to go berserk and eat the angel, or the episode right after that). Anyway, I mentioned it to my friend, he turned it on, and watched it too. He promptly ordered some VCDs of the anime, and much later, lent them to me. I watched them, and ever since, I've been hooked. I've still much anime to see, i've only seen a few full series. Nonetheless, Evangelion was what finally caused me to begin appreciating anime for what it really is (and still not really liking DBZ, heh).

    I am aware that almost all of my MVs at this time are not using anime, but that will be rectified. Although I do like my videos, I do believe that if I'm to be on, I should use some animes. The main reason I've been unable to is because I have up until now only found subbed anime, and i do not want a subbed MV unless I place them myself. Now I have a DVD-ROM drive, to help me with my music video creating. So, most, if not all, of my AMVs from now on will be using actual anime titles.

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