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  • Member: TommyRude
  • Studio: Anime Rudeboy Productions
  • Title: Evangelion Ep27 (In The End)
  • Premiered: 2002-07-04
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: Well, I said it was gonna debut at AX an guess what, it did. Got a suprisingly good reaction too. I think I even saw eRmAc clapping.
    Anyway, this was one of the 5 videos chosen by the AX judges to make up a special 'fun' category. Funny thing is, only 3 were shown. I guess the creatos of the other 2 weren't in attendance, or maybe the videos were eaten by the monster that pushed the contest back a day. (Ask anyone who was there if you don' get that :P) It was cool to see it on the big screen. Wait, thass putting it a LITTLE lightly. When I saw it up there, I kid you not when I say I couldn't move. Thass my new drug of choice :P. Did I win anything at the convention? Nope. Am I bitter about it? Nope, cuz you see, my competition was *dun-dun-duuuuuuun* none other than Shameless Rock Video. Oh well, I'm still glad they played it. An' I was a little suprised to see I lost by only 0.02 decibles of audience reaction. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Not to mention I got this comment from one of the dudes running the contest, "You made that? Man, that video was f*cking awesome!" Hey, I'll take that as a consolation prize any day, yo. ;)

    Okay, some technical crap:
    Some new tricks to look for in this video -
    'The Impossible Lip-synch'. Its only there for a second or two, but its there in the breakdown after the second chorus.
    Green Screening. I'm gonna be honest here, my mom was the one who photoshopped the 60+ frames of Mike I used to do the green screen effect after the first chorus. So thanks a lot mom. ;)
    Photo Overlay. I decided to try putting Shinji in a shot taking Chester's place wit the band. I think it came out pretty good. The hardest part was taking Chester out of the shot, but thankfully After Effects can do just about anything. In the end (no pun intended), he was completely removed from the video without even messing up the background behind him. Putting Shinji in wasn't easy either, cuz the camera zoom on the band in that shot didn't move at a constand speed. I basically ended up doing the movements one frame at a time for that one.

    I actually started toying around wit the idea several months ago, taking an mpeg fansub of EoE an timing the kitchen scene to the breakdown of In The End. I never got very far with it an kinda dropped the idea. But a while later I decided to try it again, this time starting from the begining. I did about 3 scenes then dropped it again. BTW, at the time, I was using an mpeg version of the Linkin Park video too. It looked pretty crappy.
    Finally, about 2 months ago I buckled down an committed to the project. Even went out and bought the Linkin Park DVD so I would have perfect live footage to work with.

    Like most of my videos, I set guidelines for myself before working on it. This one was basically:
    Shinji synchs all of Chester's lines.
    Mike apears for all of his.
    No hard transitions. (I actually broke this one because fades looked outta place in a couple shots)
    Choruses are all action.
    Verses are non-action.
    Chorus 1 - Shinji
    Chorus 2 - Asuka
    Chorus 3 - Both
    No live action other than Mike's lines.

    An' thass about it. My main goal in creating this was to make a GOOD Linkin Park video. See, In The End was seemingly MADE for Eva, an' a lot of other creators saw that. But (an' I'm only being honest here), their videos basically sucked. If you don' believe me, take a look. Some of them are on this site. I made it BECAUSE the idea was played out. The idea was so good, it deserved to be represented by a better video than what it had gotten. This may not be the best video ever, an' I know most of you hate Linkin Park. But dammit, it IS pretty damn good, ya' at least gotta give me that much.

    One last thing. What's with the name? Okay, I was originally planning on calling it In The End of Eva. Pretty basic, right? Well, someone else made a video wit that name already, so I had to come up wit something else. Kinda sucks, the MC at Anime Expo couldn't even pronounce Evangelion and it kinda screwed up the presentation.

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