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  • Member: Yogurtron
  • Title: Naru's Love
  • Premiered: 2003-06-28
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    • Descendents She Loves Me
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  • Comments: I started this AMV back around the beginning of 2003, February I think. I hadnít done an AMV since my Master and Slave one, and needed to get the juices flowing. I also, was not all that proud of my last one, and wanted to try to get back into the groove, and make a video significantly better than that one, where I doooo get the stuff I want in itÖ in it.

    Anyway, I work on it some through the next months (hey, Iím in college, canít spend as much time as I shouldíve each day on it, heh). All of a sudden, itís the last 1.5 weeks of April, and I panic. I wanted to try to get this into Anime Expo this year, and well, the deadline was (originally) April 29th. So, during that time, I did a mad rush to finish the AMV during that week. My friends at college, one even a music video creator herself, were really supportive of me to help get this AMV done. One in particular even brought me breakfast on the final day, whom I give my deepest thanks. I finished that AMV and got the thing finally encoded at, (leave it to me) 5 oíclock that day. I asked that friend for a ride to Post Office, which she then provided. We got there at 5:20 I get in there, and get the thing post-marked for that day, just as the Post Office closed.

    I didnít get into Anime Expo this year, but oh well, Iím still glad I did this music video, and am thankful to my friends for supporting me while finishing it, and particularly thankful for that very special friend that provided breakfast and the quick ride to the post office. ^_^

    Anyway, enjoy the video ^_^

    ***Bulliten: (9/06/04) This is a fixed version of the file, the audio works perfectly from start to finish now ^_^ ***

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