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  • Profile: Hi, thx for checking out my profile! I'm 19 years old, a guy, and I'm in college at RPI near Albany, NY. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major, and a huge fan of anime, as you can see below. I would've also put .hack//SIGN, Inuyasha, Full Metal Panic, and Full Metal Alchemist on there, but the archive sucks and wouldn't allow it, so there you go.

    Currently, I'm working on my first AMV ever, an End of Eva dance vid that I hope will be excellent enough to enter into contest. :) But that aside, I'd be happy just to finish the thing! Still, I'm doing my best, and hope you'll check it out once it's done.

    I'm a huge fan of dance videos (as in dance music, not anime dancing ^_^, huge difference) - if you ever need a good reviewer for one of yours, I'd be more than happy to do it for you on a pro quid pro basis. I.e., I'll review yours if you review mine. :) If mine hasn't come out yet, then I'd still be willing to do it tho.

    I'm a huge fan of Eva vids in particular, so if you've got one lemme c it!

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