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  • Member: Anamorphic Productions
  • Studio: Anamorphic Productions
  • Title: Delirium
  • Premiered: 2004-05-21
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    • Derude Children vs the Sandstorm
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  • Comments: Jan 13th, 2005: RE ENCODED to play on any machine!


    It exists.

    My video projects always seem pretty damn monumental to me. For whatever reason, they tend to take FOREVER. Zombie was six months due to sharing a computer, not to mention harddrive space and a million little glitches. Marionette was far shorter (Almost two weeks) but by the same token was almost never finished.
    Delerium is another six months of work. But the beautiful thing?

    I had a new computer. With a DVD player. And Smart Ripper. Which translates directly into DVD ripped footage. HUZZAH!
    And after the fiasco with Marionette, I'd also learned how to PROPERLY rip a DVD. No ugly red pixelization here!

    I tried to keep the video size manageable (Especially since the final product exported as an AVI is over 10 gigs big) so it sits at 75.5 megs. There's a bit of quality loss on one or two slow shots (Specifically the Ah My Goddess ones,) but I don't think it's too bad at all.


    Not quite so important stuff.
    I made this video for several reasons. The first one was a challenge to myself. After seeing something similar done to live action footage, I really wanted to see what would happen if you did the same kind of layered, seizure effect on anime.

    The second reason was Ego. (I'm a bad, horrible person). After my poor quality (albeit well done, but CRAPPY quality...) Zombie won the grand prize at Anime North's AMV contest (and that's not a con to sneeze at either) I wanted to follow up with something else that also pushed borders and expectations, but in another way. This video is really 'experimental', though there's no category for that here. It does fall well under action and dance though, so I'm still good. ^^ Essentially, it's a video meant to exploit the senses. There's no real story, just 'themes' that are explored. I haven't met anyone who didn't like it in person, but there are a ton of people who hate it on the org, or just write it of as a pointless flashing video. That's ok. Seemingly enough people have 'loved' it to make me VERY happy indeed.

    How I did it:

    Premiere 6.5.
    Essentially, I created two extra video tracks (giving me three video tracks, four if you count the a/b split of track 1 and I do). I chose the scene(s) I wanted, cut them up into individual frames, deleted the unnecessary frames, and tested it out. (That process takes about an hour for maybe two seconds, BTW) if I liked it, it stayed. If I didn't like it, I scrapped it and started again... And I VERY often didn't like it. Add in school, work, family, and the fact that I was part of a dance troupe for Anime North this year, and it's no real surprise it took me 6 months to do this!
    The final product has 44 different anime in it. (You'll see 43 on the list. Blue Seed 2 wasn't listed so... *shrug*)

    I hope you enjoy, and if you do please leave a review! I can't promise I can comment on one of your videos, but the least I can do is reply back to you! ^^
    This is showing on Friday at Anime North. Ye gods, I hope it does well....

    Anime North's Northern Lights Award! HUZZAH!
    CN Anime- Best Misc Anime Vid. (Best category title EVER. ^^)
    SEELE Council Contest Grand Prize Winner
    OH MY GOD: VCA Best Dance Winner, 2005! Thanks to EVERYONE who voted!!!


    Encoded with DIVX, at 2553 KB a sec.

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