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    I'm Valssj4,I'm of the 1985 class and my favourite anime is dragon can find me to "dragonballarena" ' s forum

    The first time i've seen a amv i was very surprised;yes,it was not so great as amv but otherwise i liked a lot to see a good song related with my favourite was "bye bye bye" of the "n'sync" and te clips where about the history of Trunks...the audio/video quality was very poor and compressed in .rm format,but it remain my favourite amv!I can't find it in unfortnately....
    From that moment i've began to search for other amv's and little by little i've found a great DBZ site,,today the best italian dbz & non site!Here ther were some mv creator's that were making,and also today they are continuing to do it,amv's that under the request of the visitors!
    Then arrived the forum in this site and the comunication was more easy...

    And a day i've a great inspiration,listening a DANCE song...maybe my best inspiration!The song was "discotec people" of "DJ Molella" and listening it i began to think about the fusion dance...and the words(few as in the biggest part of dance music ^^')where perfect for Piccolo,the teacher of the 2 so i tell this idea to the mv creators hoping it was good and that someone would do this....but no-one ,for a reason or another,did this....and when 1 of the mv creators decided to do a tutorial about mv making,i decided to became 1 of them!I had the programs,the forum and the other mv creators to help me ,the inspiration ready to become concrete,the clips in VHS .... and so i began...the result?my first amv!
    it was appreciated a lot by the other mv creators that them dicided to make me a member of the new studio that they were creating,DBA Studio! naturally i accepted!

    With the time i created other amv's ,someone as a timing exercize(The Power Of Hate),someone happy and comic(Drive Lessons),someone for a contest(The Lord Of The DragonBalls),and someone as an effects exercize(The Devil SSJ 3).....

    mmm....other things i can't say....i hope to continue to upgrade in this art!

    ah Enjoy!^_-

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