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  • Profile: Heh... Yea, yea. I really don't know what to type, I'm just really bored right now, and too lazy to go upstairs to read manga, even though that sounds really really fun. But I'm your average obsessive anime/manga fan in high school. But I'm not a fangirl. I refuse to take that name. Fangirls just screech really uber loud. Yes, I do that too, but I'd also kidnap the anime character, so that's what makes me different from all others, not to mention, the average fangirl is about 2 IQ points higher than me. And I'm 2 IQ points higher than butter. Go me!

    If you can't tell by my name, my all time favorite character is Duo Maxwell from GW. Although my picture doesn't show my braid, I usually have it 98% of the time. With it there is one rule:

    Nobody is allowed to touch it, except me and Duo (if somebody has the nickname Duo, that also counts as being Duo)

    I finally updated my fav. anime and somewhat of my fav. videos. So they are correct, just I have a few more amvs I have to add to my fav. lists. Don't know.

    If someone is actually reading this, WOW! I'm just typing this out of bored, and you're probably reading it out of bored. Yay us bored people!

    Well, I have five AMVs, I'm still having problems with my movie maker, so the visuals are not the best, but I'm trying my best to fix that. So far, my Shuichi's Tribute to Bishies took me the longest. It took me about 4 days to make. I still have the list of girly looking bishies my friends and I made up. It was about 5 pages long. Weirdest thing, that was one of the hardest parts. It was hard trying to remember girly guys. When not thinking of them, they seem to always be in your head, but when the time comes where we needed to remember them, we kinda couldn't. If that made any sense, congrats. I didn't even understand that. Here's a cookie. ::Hands reader a cookie::

    See if you read this, you get random cookies! But that doesn't mean I'm random. I just conveintly remember things. Go me... again!

    Well... I'll stop for right now. I'll probably type more later... or tomorrow.

    I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm the most colourful!

    And now I'm continueing. Why?! I don't know. I might just be that bored. Well, actually I am that bored. And I'm waiting for something to be done. It's taking awhile. But it should be done soon. Anou... yea. I said I'd continue, but I'm at a lost to what to write. Wait... I know, here's some stuff about me.

    Name: Tanya
    Nick: Miya
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 108 lbs.
    Fav. Sport to watch: Poker and Football
    Fav. Sport to do: Poker and Martial Arts

    Yay... I wrote something useful. I guess. I don't know. Most likely nobody's reading this. Oh well.

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