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  • Members: shiningfingerstudios, RolltheStampede, Shinobi Sam, tricsterpriest
  • Studio: Shining Finger Studios
  • Title: The AMV Before Halloween
  • Premiered: 2004-10-26
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Michael Jackson Thriller
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas This is Halloween
  • Anime:
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    Let me first begin by saying that this video is truly the first team project weíve ever done. It took all of our members working together to come up with a video this awesome. Weíll have to do this again sometime, perhaps a Christmas video or even another Halloween video for next year.
    This project started out as one meant to only be the anime Hellsing done to The Nightmare Before Christmas song This is Halloween, for a friend of ours, but as the idea got into us more, we decided to go all out and make it a multi-animed video to give it a little more flavor. So after finding out we didnít have too much source footage we had to go out and acquire some.
    It started out as just a standard video, stuff like matching song lyrics and such, but as we got deeper into it, we realized we had something here with a lot of potential. So ideas started flowing and exchanged, and thatís how the ideas to have the karaoke part came out.
    The skull at the beginning of the video was provided by our own shinobi_samís girlfriend and resident brilliant artist. She was kind enough to draw it up for us so we could use it to narrate the first part of the video. If we hadnít, we had decided to skip that part instead, but looking back on it, it was a good idea to keep the beginning narration.
    And now I bet youíre wondering about the ending credits. The idea for the ending credits came about through sheer insanity I guess. I mean, weíve already done a brilliant video, so why not do something a little extra and pay a small tribute to one of the greatest scary videos of all time ? So yes, it took us quite a bit of time and photoshop work, but we did somehow manage to get a bit of the thriller dance worked out for Alucard. We would have had a bit more done, but unfortunately for us time was against us, for the release of GTA : San Adreas forced us to end it a little earlier than we had expected.
    Stay tuned next year, for we may just go ahead and finish what we started, and have a host of anime character doing the Thriller choreography.

    Shinobi Sam: Well, Tricsterpriest pretty much summed this video up in a nutshell. All 4 of our members came together in this, what I think is our overall greatest studio vid so far. The idea was Roll's and I wanted to doa Halloween vid that my girl would like, since that's her favorite holiday. It became a vid for our friends and "fans" and a test of our creativity. I'm done with karaoke vids though. I'm very proud of this and hope you all enjoy it. This shows that our best work comes when we do something together.

    **UPDATE** The part about participation at A-kon 16 is a bit sketchy. We intended to enter this in the contest and because of technical problems, it didn't enter the contest but it was shown at the awards as a bonus video. From the reaction it got, we have a good idea of how it would have done in the running. Thanks to all at A-kon 16 for letting us share our work with an audience. -Shinobi Sam 6/21/05

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