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  • Profile: Hi there. I've been part of the Anime community for several years now (I used to run a now-static site called Senseless Solutions, which was an Anime news parody site. I hope you'll stop by ^_^), but this is the first time I've tried my hands at AMVs. Part of me wonders what took me so long. AMVs bring together two of the things I am most passionate about: music and Anime. I mean, I listen to music almost around the clock (at work I use headphones, and at home, when I'm working on my novel, I always have music on, mostly alternative), and I always use music to help me visualize things for my writing. Now, I listen to music and can't stop thinking about what Anime clips would be perfect ^_^;

    My bro and I were both more formally introduced to AMVs this May at ACen 2004. Thanks to the plethora of AMVs being played there, we were able to see what a fantastic genre of fan creation AMVs were. I couldn't get home fast enough to start planning my own ^_^

    For now, I'm still learning the ropes. I used Windows Movie Maker 2 for my first AMV (From One Newbie to Another), but I hope to use Premiere 6.0 for the next ones. Ah well, it's a slow learning process ^_^

    Hmmm...well, until I find something more interesting to say about myself, I'll stop here. ^^;

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