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  • Member: AbsoluteDestiny
  • Studio: Zettai Unmei Anime
  • Title: Her Circumstance - Poor Miyazawa (or, Monkey Wrench) v2
  • Premiered: 2001-08-18
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    • Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench
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  • Comments: OK, This video has been remastered - woohoo!

    It now: a) doesn't look like poo, b) has generally better timing and c) is a little bit "flashier"

    It's essentially exactly the same video. This is for more reasons than one - I only had the original high quality version of the video as source footage! So, there isn't really much extra in the video bar some effects and improved timings.

    I've used the principle that the invert/solarise-style effects in kare kano are used well to emphasise shock so I've utilised them in this version of the video with the same effect. I hope it works.

    If you've seen the vid already then watching it again probably isn't going to delight you as it's essentially the same but better (IMO)

    There's two major changes though:

    1) The video is now a Divx 3.11a SBC vid. It also has a non-standard aspect ratio but that's because I had to crop some stuff to get things looking nice... and it does look *much* nicer than that yucky mpeg thing.

    2) The subtitles are now optional! I've mastered a technique which will allow you to choose whether you see the lyrics. Simply download the .smi file from Direct Download 2 and save it to the same directory as the vid. Then play the video and in Windows Media Player choose View -> Captions. Tada! Also, the subs work with DirectVobSub and tons of alternative media player-type programs.

    ----------Original Video Information-------------

    From popularity to romance... isn't being a Monkey Wrench a bitch?

    This is a fun character profile video. Very upbeat with a twist to the son'g meaning in the last section. Helps if you have seen the first 4 eps of this truly great series - if not the visual comedy should raise a smile.

    It's my second video, and it was a lot of fun to do. Yet again, I mucked up the video quality but most of that is hidden by the wonders of MPEG layer 1 video.

    This one's basically my retelling of the first 4 episodes of Kare Kano. I think it works, and I hope you like it!

    Yet again, the video is subtitled - so it's karaoke-a-go-go. Sort of. Hey, whay can I say - my vids are lyrics-based.

    PLEASE REVIEW!!!! Thanks!

    I used - Miro DC30, Adobe Premier, patience (but not much, and certainly not enough ^_^)

    Special thanks go to Tom Jordaan of Phlebas Anime for lending me the source material. Check out his videos too!

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