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  • Profile: Ok, time for an update.

    First, I am a Criminal Prosecutor with undergraduate degrees in History and Criminal Justice

    I love anime!!!! I am a tremendous fan of stories involving intrepretations of the basic concepts of Right and Wrong. The battle between Good, Evil, and Apathy.


    Now what makes me qualified to review AMVs you may ask. (if you're reading this, Odds are I either made you happy or pissed you off with a review.)

    Well... first, I am trained in the interpretation of classical styles of Art. Both by professors in the field of Art History, and Art from a Anthropological view.

    Next, unlike people who have a "Crime scene control" Criminal Justice Degree, I am trained in research using the Socio-Psychological perspectives of intrepretation.

    I go into the videos I review with an open mind, and I will give an honest opinion based on the rating system. If you disagree with me, you may ask me to re-review something. (an explanation of your meaning always helps) I have increased some people's ratings after an appeal, and decreased them after others.

    And Finally, I do rely on my "gut" the subconsious amalgamation of all my knowledge and experience. Each part of my knowledge contributes to the rating, but my "gut feeling" determines if I like the video. There are some videos I dislike but due to their quality recieved very good ratings.


    What is important to keep in mind?

    1. I do not like poor quality in video or audio. there is no reason for it. In a world where mega-bit DSL speeds are becoming the norm, and exists... a lack of personal bandwith is no excuse for poor quality audio or video.

    2. If you're just starting, I understand if you don't have the "eye of a director" yet. That is something that can come with experience. (Although sometimes it is innate.)

    3. But after editing skills, the most important thing to have is that rare thing called Heart. The greatest videos speak from the Heart and effect the viewer on multiple levels.

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Full Metal Panic
Ranma 1/2
Rurouni Kenshin (TV)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
Outlaw Star
Haré+Guu (TV)