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  • Member: BigshotSpike
  • Studio: Industrial House of Light and Morons
  • Title: Prophets and Angels
  • Premiered: 2002-12-28
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    • Billy Joel Two Thousand Years
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  • Comments: I first heard this song used in a great giant robo video done by Scott A. Mezzler. I thought this song would also fit really well with Metropolis. Since I have a feeling Metropolis videos are going to stack up pretty soon I might as well get my done before the rush takes place.

    I thought that the lyrics would fit Metropolis very good from when I first heard these lines : "In the beginning...There was the cold and the night. Prophets and Angels....gave us the fire and the light."
    From there I said I had to make this video.

    The editing in this video is simpler than most of my other current videos but there is never an area in the video where the timing is off. I made sure of that. As far as editing goes, this one may be my best because of it's consistant accuracy to the song's vocal and percussion.

    The theme of this video is about the over-developed society in the movie Metropolis. Set in the future, Metropolis is a grand city-state populated by humans and robots, the cohabitants of a strictly segmented society. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions, detective Shunsaku Ban and his sidekick Ken-ichi are searching for rebel scientist Dr. Laughton. But when they locate him, his secret laboratory is destroyed by fire under sinister circumstances, and instead Ken-ichi finds Tima, a beautiful young girl bereft of memory and speech, seemingly helpless at the site. Little does he know that Tima is a new top-of the-line android created to take over Metropolis, and that behind her creation lie the ambitions of a powerful man and his fierce desire to reclaim a tragic figure from his past. With such a huge and overly-developed society, can individuals like Ken-ichi and Tima survive?
    Duke Red, the man behind the plan of world domination is blind to the fact that history repeats itself. His "Tower of Babel" was all just a disaster waiting to happen.

    The ending in this video is heavy on sadness but it conveys a sense of hope (unlike my latest Kenshin and Jin-Roh videos). Ken-Ichi finds Tima's heart gear. Not everything has been lost. But the event that the climax demonstrated is a warning to what too much power to one person and an overly-developed society can lead to. Individuality and innocense (demostrated in Ken-ichi and Tima's characters) is a tough find in a city like Metropolis.

    To fully understand the point I tried to get across with my video you'd have to watch it.
    It's not online right now, but if you send me an E-mail I'll be happy to send you a copy on a CD-R.

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