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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Akitoman
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Off the Beat Five for Fighting's - Superman
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  • Comments: For the longest time I wanted to do a Nadesico AMV.. and this was my first attempt to do so.

    I've always had an appreciation for accapella.. and acoustic covers or versions of an artists' song. One of my most favorite accapella cover singing groups is: Off the Beat ( I adore them and just have about every one of their albums; not all but almost. Anyhow, I heard a their version of Five for Fighting's "Superman" and naturally thought of Nadesico and Akito, and how his life is very much fitting to the lyrics of this song.

    With some luck, one of my roommates just happen to have the whole TV series on DVD. So I used that as my source for this project. Prior to working on this project, I had not watched Nadesico, since I received my fansubs for the first time. I have in the past watched specific eps of Nadesico, but I had not previously watched the whole series through since I received my fansubs of them the very first time. Anyhow, I re-kindled my appreciation for this series, in having watched it all in the couple days I sat down and captured the pieces I wanted.

    Also, since I started this project just about after AWA deadlines.. I worked on the bulk of this video just prior to AWA. In fact, I rendered out the first version to a DV file 2 minutes before running out the door to catch my plane to AWA. With the help of Vicbond's laptop.. we got it rendered in the hotel to MPEG-2 for our panel (on saturday) the friday evening of..

    To make a long story short.. Vic and I had some *ahem*strongbad*cough* animation/surprise in the works.. not knowing anyone else like Kusoyaro or AbsoluteDestiny has something planned as well.. anyhow.. the point is.. since it was obvious to me that we were not going to be complete with our surprise prior to AWA.. I took the Wednesday and Thursday days prior to AWA 9 (2003) to finish up this AMV project.

    It's not how I envisioned it originally.. however it is a project I wanted to try my hand at, and it is complete. The version I showed/premiered (for the first time ever) during the panel is slightly different then the version I'm uploading here. The revised version is a bit smoother.. and well sucks just a bit less =D

    Anyhow.. here it is.. and let me just point out.. Off the Beat doesn't use instruments.. just their voices.. and I know it doesn't sound that way.. but it's true. This is one of the reasons I'm so impressed with their abilities.

    Okay.. a couple side notes to point out.. I reanimated a handful of scenes.. whether you pick up on it or not.. If you think you've found the handful of scenes I reanimated I'd love to discuss it with you. =) Seriously. Most of this video is compromised of stills.. and I did my best to make it not feel that way. I think it's safe to say I used Adobe Premiere and After Effects equally in this video... as always most of my effects and composite work is very subtle, so it might not seem that I did any effects at all. But I have the project files.. I can prove it!! =) Anyhow, the technique/process/method I used with this video.. was to simply block out what I wanted in premiere (timeline and layout wise).. then produce the stills and/or animation and/or composites in After Effects, and then render everything out and reconstruct it all together with premiere.

    Oh one more thing.. there are SPOILERS in this video.. so view at your own risk. The SPOILERS are there, but not blatant and are brief.

    I think there was more I wanted to comment on.. but I can't think of it right now. A crappy MPEG-1 file will be uploaded to the "carrot/donut" soon. Enjoy... and please comment! =_)

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