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  • Profile: UPDATE (07/15/2005): Since I've been working third shift the entire summer, I've had little time to even LOOK at an AMV much less been wanting to. I know it's been TWO WHOLE YEARS since the Animatrix vid made it's debut, but I've come bearing good news: the bastard is finally DONE! Credits and all. The bad news is this: I've run into quality problems. So I'm having ngsilver over at NGSilver & Friends Productions help me out with MPEG encoding instead of using the XviD output I just came up with that's got the 'scan line' effect going through it.

    Expect the video up very soon. *knocks on wood*

    As for the proverbial "4th AMV" of mine, I can't even remember what the idea was at this point. By now, I'm not really wanting make another AMV until I pretty much come up with a brand-freakin'-new computer. THAT will be a while, folks. If things change, I'll let y'all know.

    Hello, my name is Justin and I am a former Music Education Major turned Computer Science at Eastern Kentucky University. I am also the former President of EKU Anime, our University's official anime club.

    I got into anime around...well....I don't know exactly WHEN I started 'watching' anime. I was of the generation that grew up on Transformers, Challenge of the GoBots, and Thundercats.

    I didn't really get 'hooked' on anime until my Freshman year in college, which was in the Fall of 2001. That was also the time when our anime club was just getting started. The first anime we ever watched in the club was Slayers.......I was hooked almost instantaneously. I thought, "hm, this is pretty interesting. I wanna see more." Slayers has since, arguably, been my favorite anime overall...with Neon Genesis Evangelion being a VERY close second, if not a tie.

    I didn't start making AMVs until the Spring of 2002. I've only made three videos since then.


    I haven't gotten the time to upload any of my videos in a long while. I've gotten LOTS of requests for my Animatrix video, "Prayer" (I'm really proud of that vid). Once I get around to it....I'll upload it. Granted it may be a while.

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Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
Full Metal Panic

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