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  • Member: suberunker
  • Studio: Suberunker Studeosh
  • Title: A Different Side of Me
  • Premiered: 2004-04-30
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    • Matchbox 20 Unwell
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  • Comments: Very educational.

    I'm not entirely the biggest fan of Golden Boy. However, I do like it enough to reccomend it to everyone, yes, both those that do and do not prefer raunchy situations. While it's pretty well established that Golden Boy is a journey into naughty territory, with episode 5 (The Beem-o Baby) really pushing it, I also feel there's always a kind of nice feeling to it. Yeah, that sounds crazy. However, Golden Boy's theme, the idea that Kintaro helps each individual girl and that he leaves when they realize it, is actually very sweet. To me, that's largely the OVA's success.

    Yes, I am aware the manga delves into becoming flat out porn in the end and that the rest of Tatsuya Egawa's work is of similar nature.

    So here's my take on the idea that many consider impossible: a Golden Boy drama video, more like a character profile actually. It all began when I started hearing the same song, Unwell, played on the radio over and over. I thought, "Hey, this is definitely a Golden Boy drama video!" Of course, when you start thinking like that, you put the idea on the shelf. That's like saying "Let's make a comic book movie with real dramatic elements and character depth."

    Yeah, and I loved both Spiderman movies.

    Anyways, back to the real stuff. It comes to the time that I should start working on a new AMV. I'm slowly chugging along to finish this video, but I couldn't find anything that really grabbed me about it. Then I thought...why not go through entangled though the viewer is delving deeper into the character? While not all the transitions effectively portray this, I really liked the new transition effect I was attempting. I loved working around with the placement and flow so much that the idea caught like wildfire and the hours of editing flew by.

    Throughout the video, I forced myself to follow several rules. 1) Absolutely nothing that could be considered a dirty joke. 2) Absolutely no shots of Kintaro being beat up by the girls. 3) When Kintaro is being "unwell/crazy", still try to keep it as serious as possible. 4) Flow to the song to try to build the connection.

    Although I haven't worked on many AMVs yet, I have to say that this is indeed my favorite video so far. While it didn't get as much attention as a certain other video this year, I have to say, this video really was my "YES!" video. Hope you enjoy it.

    Winner - Best Drama - Anime Central 2004
    Honorable Mention - Best Original Concept - Anime Central 2004
    Finalist - Fanime 2004
    Finalist - Anime Expo 2004
    Finalist - Otakon 2004

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