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  • Profile: if your reading this wondering where i been on new videos, iits because all my videos are past the 150 limit my videos are tributes to the anime series so scaling it down past 100 makes the videos fuzzy and the song sounding like shit, most my videos stay between 250 and 290 MB

    Greetings im Claudius Valentine (never getting real name)

    i make amv {anime music videos} which i shouldn't need to explain,
    if you don't know what that is then wow.

    i use to be new NOT ANYMORE! im very good my amv's are considered classically made I DO NOT USE spacial effects stop telling me to use them.

    my amv's are tributes to a series and will stay that way forget multi animes changing colors moving flipping clips my amv's are made the same way they were made back in the day of 2005

    before people starting adding every anime every way possible to the point of the song being the only good thing about the amv, shoot me already -_-

    almost every amv on here is bad compared to the classic standards.

    what happen to making classic amv's about a certain series that didnt have too much effects or more then one series attached i said this before STICK TO ONE ANIME ALREADY!

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