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  • Member: ClaudiusValentine
  • Studio: Valentine Home Studios
  • Title: Aggretsuko - Metal till i Die
  • Premiered: 2019-02-06
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  • Song:
    • Aggretsuko Music and Clips thats in the series.
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  • Comments: Aggressive Retsuko or Aggretsuko i watched and loved every bit of the series, this is anime every time i search the name the word anime comes up. this isnt a normal anime so it isnt going to have normal amv's

    all i did was take the best clips of the series and added them together in 9 mins, the music is whats already in the series. the hole video is nothing more then clips and music in the series no song.

    so im starting this year with Aggretsuko which is what i stick to screw the original name
    it took me months to watch it cause the way its animated which i now love confused me
    so i skipped it several times lol. everyone says the English dub is better and they are right.

    i cant wait for season 2 netflix announced it when u watch the Christmas special on NetFlix

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