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  • Profile: So, who the hell are you anyway?
    Just some dude with waaayyy too much time on his hands.

    What are you using to make these videos of yours, eh?
    Windows Movie Maker 2 for the actual vids. The production-type stuff, itís primarily DVD2AVI, VirtualDub, and Nandub.

    Hey, why arenít you using Premiere like every other god-fearing AMV creator?
    Premiere hard. Movie Maker easy.

    Whatís with that name? Those Xís, man.

    How long does it take you to make a video?
    Ideas come fairly quick, most times. So far, the longest time Iíve taken on a vid (not counting the Invader Zim video, because I had no idea what I was doing for months) has been 4 days (The Spirited Away vid); the shortest, 5 hours (The Akira video). That might change now thatís Iím back in classes, but on average, Iíd say a week, tops.

    Whatís your anime preference? All your stuff is always so seriousÖ
    Thatís because my preference is serious. I like comedy anime fine (my personal favorites being FLCL, Project A-ko, Golden Boy, and Ranma Ĺ), but for the most part, I can get comedy animation here in the States just as well. Serious animation, for adults, is lacking in the U.S., and the Japanese do with animation what we do with live-action. And even then, thereís stuff Iíve seen in anime that, aside from The Matrix films, I donít think Iíll EVER see in live action. I just love it when films push creative limits, not just go for laughs. But I promise, I will do another funny video someday.

    Okay, so what kind of video will we NEVER see?
    I have a relatively short list of things I will never make vids out of.
    You will NOT see me do a Dragonball video. Ever. Seriously. Itís over done. Period. Move on.
    You will NOT see hentai. Not that I have anything against hentai, really. Itís just pushing the limits of public taste.
    You MIGHT see another Linkin Park video. But I'll still be picking the song for it the way Indiana Jones picked out the Holy Grail.
    Those are my only major gripes, really :-)

    What's next on the agenda?
    More than likely, a Lain vid.

    Would you like torefinance your mortage?

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