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  • Member: XShadowSpiritX
  • Studio: XShadowSpiritX AMVs
  • Title: Love and Hate Among Sinners and Saints
  • Premiered: 2003-10-09
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    • A Perfect Circle Noose
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  • Comments: Yeah, I know I said my next video was gonna be for me, that's still coming, as soon as my damned Matrix Reloaded DVD gets here (that means move your asses, Amazon!!)...however, I'm an impatient bastard, and had to do a "minor" video to occupy myself in the interim....I originally intended to put this one on hold the second my Matrix DVD got here, but, apparently, I underestimated my own brain.....

    Actually, I underestimated how well I'd thought this video out.....I've had it in mind since the beginning of September--I knew this song had to become an Angel Sanctuary vid the day I got the CD, first time I heard it--and thought about what scenes go with which every time i heard it after that. As a result, once I got down to it, the actual putting together of the video took only about 3 days. I would've had it online earlier, if Movie Maker hadn't started giving me shit about not being able to save DV-AVI. Oh, that day was hell, and as a result, my video quality took a slight hit, but it still meets standards.

    About the video: This is focused primarily on Setsuna/Alexiel and Rosiel, and the whole struggle and jealousy between these two, but also, it focuses on their relationship with Sara and Katan, essence, the constant fighting between Rosiel and Alexiel puts the relationships with Sara and Katan through a lot of hell. In the end, it costs lives.
    There's also a small section involving Kurai in there for good measure, since her relationship with Alexiel is also a driving factor.

    Technical side: This is another video that allowed me to toy around a little with Virtual Dub and its mighty selection of filters, once again in preparation for the can of whoopass that will be opened on the Matrix vid. Mostly, it was colorize, motion blur, and contrast. Again, i tried to go for an abstract, dreamlike quality for this anime and its theme, but with more experience under my belt this time, I was able to pull it off much better, I think. Useless fact: I actually pondered remaking my Sarah McLachlan video before starting this. I may yet do another SarahMcLachlan/AS vid (i've got just the song for it...and no, it's NOT "Angel" :p), but later.....I'm already walking thin ice by unintentionally using APC in an "every two videos" pattern :p

    Anyways...hope you all enjoy.

    P.S.--This makes me the first video to use stuff off the new APC album...yayyy!!!

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