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  • 2021 Viewers' Choice Awards Round 1 of the 2021 Viewers' Choice Awards have begun! You can go directly to the Voting Form to start casting your votes today. The round will end on February 27th at 11:59PM EST.

    Voting Thread
    List of Nominated Videos
    Updates, Questions & Feedback Thread
    2021-02-16 23:12:24 EST
  • The VCAs have begun! The 2021 Viewers' Choice Awards have begun! So make sure to head over to the Category Threads by February 13th to start nominating your favorite videos from 2020.

    Updates, Questions & Feedback Thread
    2021-02-01 08:29:53 EST
  • 2021 Viewers' Choice Awards It's that time again! The 2021 Viewer's Choice Awards are about to begin. And for the very first time, we're welcoming non-animated music videos to compete in the newly created "Best Use of Live Action Source" category. So get ready to highlight even more amazing music videos than ever before!

    Nominations Begin February 1st
    Updates, Questions & Feedback Thread

    2021-01-21 23:55:26 EST
  • Project Org Editor is back!

    We're happy to once again partner with MomoCon to host Project Org Editor 2020, an online AMV tournament that challenges editors to showcase their most creative ideas.

    Round 1 Begins on October 8th
    Rules and Information

    2020-09-08 11:59:27 EST
  • 2020 Viewers' Choice Awards Thank you to everyone that participated by nominating and voting for your favorite videos. And special thanks to everyone that tuned into our LIVE Stream where we revealed all the winners. But without further ado, we're pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 AMV Viewers' Choice Awards!

    Winners Thread

    Winners Recap Video
    2020-03-27 14:06:22 EST

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