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  • The 2019 VCAs have Begun! The 2019 Viewers Choice Awards have finally begun! We've continued and improved on the changes that were made last year, and so check out the VCA Updates, Questions & Feedback Thread for more details. The forum nominations will determine what videos will be voted on during round 1, so make sure to head over to the category threads by February 27th to start nominating all your favorite videos from 2018. 2019-02-15 09:52:52 EST
  • ALERT OVER - Website Restored The upgrading process is complete, and the website and forums are back up. If you encounter any issues with either, please drop a report in the Moderator's Drop Box. Thanks! 2018-10-07 09:44:52 EST
  • ALERT - Website Downtime Planned for 10/07/2018 at 1:30am Eastern This is a notice that the entire website and forums will be down starting at 1:30am Eastern on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 for maintenance and upgrading. No one will be able to access the website until the updating process is finished. We will post here when the website is confirmed back up and upgrading is completed. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 2018-10-07 00:45:40 EST
  • 2018 VCA Winners The 2018 Viewers Choice Awards have officially ended! Thank you to everyone that participated and was willing to give our new voting method a chance. You can click here to see all the winning videos. 2018-04-20 01:20:44 EST
  • VCA Runoff Round It seems that we're not quite done with the VCAs just yet! There were a few ties during the final round of voting, and so we'll need to have a runoff round to break them. Everyone will have until Thursday, April 19th @ 11:59pm EST to cast their tie-breaking votes.

    List of Runoff Round Videos

    Runoff Round Voting Form
    2018-04-16 05:01:38 EST

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