Voting Thread: R3 (03/21 - 04/01)

Nominate and vote on all your favorite videos from 2023!
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Voting Thread: R3 (03/21 - 04/01)

Post by Kireblue » Thu Feb 22, 2024 7:22 pm

Round 2 voting is over......
and so the 2024 VCA Finals can now begin!

To vote, you need to be logged into a Google account (YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, etc), and the voting form will use your profile to submit your responses anonymously. You can also go back to the form as many times as you like to update or change your vote. As long as you click the "SUBMIT" button, your responses will be recorded and remembered if you need to edit them later.

All Finalists
Information/ Update Thread

Voting Ends: 04/01
@ 11:59 PM ET


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