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  • Round 1 has begun! Round 1 of the 2018 Viewers Choice Awards have begun! You can go to each individual category thread to find its corresponding voting form. If you notice errors, or have any difficulties, please let us know in this thread. And thank you to everyone that participated in the nomination round. Despite being our first year using a new system, over 350 videos, and over 200 editors were nominated by you guys! And so we really appreciate your continued support over the years.

      Note: The "Best Use of Single Anime", and "Rookie of the Year" categories have been removed due to their nomination restrictions being incompatible with the new voting system. But we may consider adding them back next year.
    2018-03-07 18:45:43 EST
  • The 2018 VCAs have Begun! The wait is finally over, and the 2018 A-M-V.org Viewers Choice Awards have officially begun! This year, we've made a number of changes to the voting process, and so make sure to check out the VCA Updates, Questions & Feedback Thread to see a list of all the major ones. Also, feel free to head over to the category threads to start nominating your favorite videos from 2017. Unlike previous years, the forum nominations will determine which videos make it to the first round of voting. So you'll need to have all your nominations posted by March 5th! 2018-02-22 21:52:23 EST
  • State of the Viewers Choice Awards We're considering a major overhaul of our annual Viewer's Choice Awards. Some of the changes include allowing non Org users to vote, and for videos to compete that aren't cataloged on the site. If the VCAs were ever something that interested you, now's your chance to help decide how we go about changing them. We'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the forum thread 2018-02-08 20:09:44 EST
  • THE 2017 VCA WINNERS The 2017 VCA Winners have been announced.
    Go here to see the winners list.
    Congratulations to all our winners!
    2017-03-29 00:05:59 EST
  • THE 2017 VCA FINALS HAVE BEGUN! Click here to vote
    Good luck to our finalists. :)
    2017-03-16 22:35:43 EST

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