Ok, here are what I consider "required viewing" before creating you own video. These videos are in no order of importance (if you don't count alphabetical). Though some are immaculate in presentation, they each have their own problems, some more obvious than others. This is by far not a be-all-end-all list of the best videos out there. It is meant as a starting block and common ground for people to base their own judgments and creative initiative by.

Aluminum Studios - Blue Mercury - Interleaving action scenes

Ashura - Get a Job - Added homemade graphics for punch

Brad DeMoss - Episode 1 - Alternative "music"

Duane Johnson - I Got a Girl - Various anime

Kevin Caldwell - Believe - Good digital effects

Kevin Caldwell - Caffine Encomium - It doesn't have to be rock music...

Kevin Caldwell - Engel - Plain good editing, subtle effects

Kusoyaro - Bachelorette - Artistic approach


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