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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: Bachelorette
  • Premiered: 2000-10-07
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    • Bjork Bachelorette
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  • Comments: This is the only video I've ever done where I had the source first and searched for a piece of music to fit it. I obtained a copy of the Utena movie off of DVD (thanks MaachaQ!) and searched high and low for a song to fit it. One option I toyed around with was the song "The Day Going" by S.E.S., which I still think would work wonderfully, but I had just done an S.E.S. video and wanted to try something different. I eventually decided a Bjork song would fit nicely. I narrowed it down to the songs "Joga," "Bachelorette," and "Venus As a Boy." I put it to a vote with my friends, and they chose "Bachelorette." The movie was only about 80 minutes long, with nearly 20 minutes of it involving a car race that I didn't think would fit into the video at all, so I was left with about 60 minutes of usable footage. As a result I cut out about two minutes of the song (a verse and a bridge were deleted). The outro is long and slow, so I faded out in the middle of that...that's probably the most commented-on detail of the video.

    From the very beginning I struggled with this video, as I was working purely with sound and imagery. Although the general tone of the lyrics fit Utena, I couldn't exactly match them with footage. In addition, I had only seen the Utena movie unsubbed and had no clue what was going on. I worked through it though, and produced a rough draft that I wasn't very happy with. EK provided some encouragement and good suggestions though, and eventually it panned out. I'm still not entirely happy with the ending, where I ran out of footage and was forced to fade out the song anti-climatically. One of my more popular videos.

    An interesting side note: Back when Scour was up, my brother (Bjork's biggest fan) was searching for *real* Bjork videos, and when he tried Scour, all he could find were copies of my video :) Ha.

    Winner of Best Drama and Best Shoujo at AWA 6 Pro.

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