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    *Four years after*
    Ok, I've thought so much my brain explode and I only have that slushy thing inside my head.

    "Who I am as an editor"
    Hi then. First of all I'm an anime fan (that's why I'm here making videos like insane). The videos I create, well, I try to be original over everything else. Using uncommon music, or unusual ideas (sometimes that doesn't work _). And finnally, I always look for improve. I don't make a video if I think I wouldn't do something diferent from the ones before or that I couldn't learn anything with it.

    "How I started"
    I have to admit, the first time I found this page I was in my seeking of videos. From then I had a crazy obsesion with a Kevin Cadwell video about Asuka and I tought it was the most awesome video in all the history. When I found the org I thought I was in heaven, but waiting the three weeks for start downloading was a hell.

    So, there was me downloading all the crappy videos I could find about InuYasha (on that time I loved that series, but now it's just so-so). I thought that video makers were a bunch of science lovers nerds with "supar computa" working day-night for making one of those videos. And that common people like me wouldn't even dream about doing one.

    Then my brother (h_dk_m) show me "the windows movie maker" *halleluja chorus*. So, my dream came true and I could finnally cook my first video....using footage from someone else videos (I want to apologize *Inverse* here ;_;). But I learned from my mistakes and I started getting my own footage from anime. With the time I got Sony Movie Vegas, program which I'm in love with and never ever will change; and Combustion, which is the only computer program that has won the category of "you drive me nuts".

    But it was until I participated in the MEP Nightwish:End of an Era, that I started posting in the forums (before then I only went to screencaps).

    I'm working hard to become a better editor, despite of the fact that in my country it's hard to get anime on DVD, that there're like five cons in all the year, and that the cosplayers and TGC players rule over here. Maybe someday I can participate in a con with a stand alone video, that could be nice ^_^

    "My friends in the Org"
    Ok, I would like to say that everybody is my friend. But there're some editors whose my relationship feels more special:
    -C.S. studios

    *Some other stuff about me*
    I like MEP participate but I usually don't have enought time for getting everything on time. But if you need some recomendations or any other kind of question I would help you ASAP

    I have the tendency of downloading videos with no opinion because I think everybody needs to know how to improve and turn this site everyday better. If you have a video with no opinion or you just want an honest advice you can pm me.

    And, if you would like to join in studio Holdrak you're welcome. It was created by my brother but we can do something nice if someone else joins. ^O^

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Hell Teacher Nube
Death Note (TV)
Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro (TV)
Hellsing Ultimate (OVA)
Inu Yasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler (Movie 3)

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