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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: "I Need All of This"
  • Premiered: 2004-07-09
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    • Robert Smith - Blink 182 All of This
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  • Comments: This video, had been in my mind since I heard this song a while back, but... The technological restraints put on my where much too, heavy, to really make even a dent in the video itself.

    I tried once to make it with those restraints, it turned into a mess of episode crap and horrible HORRIBLE footage quality (although the ADV dvd's aren't too much of a pleasure to work with anyway) it was just... simply a mess.

    So naturaly when I finally got my new computer finished, this was the one thing I wanted to do over anything. So I got to work at ripping and editing.

    I just have to say...
    Wow... This new computer is amazing to work on, and I can honestly say I've improved just from having been on it.

    It really does help to be able to see the footage you're working with instead of the little 160 x 120 Rez I had to work in on my old computer.

    To be honest... the video itself is something, you either 1. have to be me to understand one side of it, or 2. have to have seen blue seed. Otherwise you might get teh basic jist but... I really don't know if you'll get the entire story.

    Forchanitly, Blue seed is an INCREDIBLE anime that most of you should have seen by now (espcially since the dvdset is 40 bucks).

    The video... I tried to focus on Momiji (brown hair), her sister(Blue hair), and the main Character (male) , What was really fueling me though, is recent events in my life (art reflects life afterall).

    Since the break up with my fiance, over... finding out certain things, I've been looking for a way to get all this... *Ahem* ... "fuel" (I.e: Pissed off anger) into a place where I don't hurt something or someone, so I thought this would be the perfect time, and opertunity to mirror a detail of my life.

    The song itself, has drawn me in ever since I heard it, Robert smith (The cure) wrote/performed this song, and it's a nice "ode" to being damned if you will, The only problem I personaly ran into was, the song was SIMPLY too long, clocking in at about 5 minutes, there just wasnt enough footage to use since most of it was loops of "use me holly, use me". So I did what I had to, I cut the song.

    And while I continplated cutting out blink 182 completely, I decided to leave one verse of "Use me Holly, Use me" in there to add that special something to it.

    Anyway, you know mostly now (if you're still reading =o) what went into this video... But now =] watch it... Please.


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