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  • Member: Redustrial
  • Title: DEATH NOTE LABB Beyond Birthday x L & Naomi - Goodnight
  • Premiered: 2008-06-07
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    • The Birthday Massacre Goodnight
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  • Comments: This is an AMV inspired by the Death Note: Another Note novel (and an excuse for BxL :P). The amv basically tells the story of the book and the relationship between L and Beyond Birthday. Naomi is just caught in the middle. I basically EDITED THE SHIT out of the anime footage to make some scenes of L look like Beyond. This amv was the biggest pain in my ass yet, and to my knowledge, this is the first actual LABB amv, ***NOT a slideshow.***

    I also used some clips from the anime Hell Girl, for those of you who don't know, wara ningyo is used in the anime, and it's generally a dark anime, so it worked out well.

    The song is "Goodnight" by The Birthday Massacre (of course)

    "Mirror on the wall.
    Frame the picture.
    Reflect this kiss to wish us all goodnight..."

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