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  • Members: u_queen, h_dk_m
  • Studio: Holdrak
  • Title: Osorezan le Revoir
  • Premiered: 2006-10-08
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    • Lia Disintegration
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  • Comments: This is the story of how Anna and Yoh met for the first time with the helping hand (or paw) of the cat spirit Matamune.

    Well, for those who haven't read the manga, this AMV don't represent any spoiler, because it's an flashback completely appart of the original storyline. So you can see it without fear. Yes, I made it only with manga images. ^_^

    I decided adding color to the images because I find more exciting to see the characters in color (but I think it's the last time I take the annoyance.
    This is my first manga-video, and it's the first time I use Combustion for make a video. I really had a lot of problems making it, and I had to make the first minute around four times, but well... I worth it.

    I hope you like it, and I'll thank you if you send a comment ^_^

    Ah, another thing... the other download is bigger size, but it has better quality.

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