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  • Member: u_queen
  • Studio: Holdrak
  • Title: Animal Cocktail
  • Premiered: 2006-06-27
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    • Cranberries Sunday
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  • Comments: Well my first Fruits Basket video and my fist attempt of make masking. I'm not quite sure if the category is ok.

    The video is an introduction to the 12 horoscopes (13 in this case). I just add Tohoru as a witness of the transformation of everybody.
    For me, the most important part of the story is when Kyou and Yuki get Tohru to their house; so, i added that part too. I was quite angry because in the anime they didn't put anything about the rooster and the horse. If you haven't read the manga i'll be a bit of spoiler of who are those but nothing further than that.

    After all this, i hope you enjoy the vid ^_^

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