Anime Evolution 2013 AMV room playlist

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Anime Evolution 2013 AMV room playlist

Postby purplepolecat » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:24 am

A bunch of people at AE asked me if the AMV room playlist would be posted online. I figured that if I posted it here, I could include vidlinks. The list for Friday and Saturday is now complete! Sunday was just the all-entries showing of the contest, the contest winners announcement, and some requests (which I didn't log).


10:00 Showcase
11:00 Drama
1:00 Studio Spotlight: PixelBlended
2:00 Cosplay Music Videos
3:00 Studio Spotlight: Soul's Team
4:00 Best of AE contests
5:00 Comedy (Light)
6:00 In Soviet Russia, AMVs Watch YOU
7:30 Trailer
8:30 AMV Hell 6.66
10:30 Dance

10:00 Showcase
11:00 Action
12:00 Epic Sword Battle
1:00 Studio Spotlight: Corndog Vidvids
2:30 Pony AMVs Are Magic
3:00 James Bond: License to AMV
5:00 AMV Contest
7:30 Disko Warp
8:00 Comedy (Dark)
9:00 Horror
10:00 Dance


Showcase (10am-ish)

Drama (11am)

Studio Spotlight: PixelBlended (1pm)

Cosplay Music Videos (2pm)

These are all from YouTube.

Cosplay LipDub @ Sexy And I Know It [LMFAO].mp4
Dragon Ball Z, Hadouken-ing, and Japanese School Girls.mp4
05 - Lip Sync - Cosplay Fever - lip dub Raise Your Glass.mp4
14 - STORY - Livingyosuke - _I (Don't) Need You_ - A Live-Action Evangelion AMV.mp4
Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) - Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 5.mp4
Electrode and Astrio - Octanis Cosplay Music Video ALA 2013 CMV.mp4
08 - Lip Sync - Cosplay Fever - lip dub - Let Me Entertain You.mp4
Epic Cosplay Action.mp4
Cosplay Music Videos - London Comic Con - MCM Expo - Cosplay Music Video.mp4
09 - Lip Sync - KaoruKamijo - My First Kiss CMV.mp4
15 - ACTION SFX - GakAttack - AN 2011 - Epic Anime Time.mp4
04 - POSES - cosplaymag - Cosplay Highlights 2011.mp4
13 - STORY - SlipperyWhenCrap - Death Note Cosplay (LxLight) Do I Creep You Out Light.mp4
07 - Lip Sync - Yenra - Katy Perry Firework - Katsucon anime.mp4
01 - POSES - Acksoni - ANIME EXPO 2011 FANVIDEO.mp4
Gangnam Style COSPLAY parody (PSY lipdub).mp4

Studio Spotlight: Soul's Team (3pm)

Best of AE contests (4pm)

Comedy (Light) (5pm)

In Soviet Russia, AMVs Watch YOU (6pm)

Pokich - Butilka


Fynjy -Retaliation
Алхимик: Наследие

Trailer (7:30pm)

AMV Hell 6.66 (8:30pm)

AMV Hell 6.66 - This Is (Not) The End

Dance (10:30pm)


Showcase (10am)

Action (11am)

Epic Sword Battle (12pm)

Studio Spotlight: Corndog Vidvids (1pm)

Pony AMVs Are Magic (2:30pm)

Mostly found on YouTube

The Convention - At The Gala parody (Canterlot Gardens).mp4
Shingeki no Pony.mp4
Pony Rock Anthem (PMV).mp4

She is a tree all day.mp4
My Little One Piece - We Go [PMV].mp4
I Have Extraballs Stashed All Over Ponyville; In Case of Extraball Emergency
My Little Pony AMV Epic (7 Artists).mp4
PMV _ Dear Princess Celestia.....mp4
dork pmv borrowed by feedsy.mp4
Double Rainbow Dash.mp4
Ponies Royale by Feedsy

James Bond: License to AMV (3pm)
Yes I stole this idea from vlad

Lupin - Another Way To Die AMV.mp4

AMV CONTEST (5pm) :awesome:
See viewtopic.php?f=5&t=113037

Disko Warp (7:30pm)

Space Space Shooter
Half Polish
Pussy Game
U.F.O. Catcher
Less Than Three
Headphones On Your Heart
Deadbeat Boyfriend
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire

Comedy (Dark) (8pm)

Horror (9pm)

Dance (10pm)


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