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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Zetsumo
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Game
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    Contests: Only submitted to one contest:
    Winner of Best Action AWA Profesional contest 2005.

    Warning: The AMV runs at quite a fast pace, It is Action afterall. Alot of the story elements will be missed if you don't pay attention to ALL of the video. You may need to watch it a few times to "Get" it aswell for this reason. I probably actually tried to make the story a little too complicated for an action video, but awell.

    The video is also best enjoyed with the volume cranked Up . Aside from the intensity, Theres alot of synch also to subtle sounds in the song that you may not notice otherwise.

    This is definately my most technically involved video to date. I did alot more masking and overlaying than all of my previous videos combined, and probably took the longest to edit aswell. It is also my first Action video.

    I chose this song, because... well I love it. Its one of my favorites from Hamasaki Ayumi's latest CD, and the whole Idea for this video was born after hearing this track for the first time. (which was actually before WOB came out, so I did not intentionally copy their idea to make this kind of parody conflict with Naruto.) The reason I did not make it in so long, was mostly because the footage I needed was only in manga form at the time, the anime had not cought up yet, (same problem i'm having for a Bleach Idea I have) and the episodes came out pretty close to Pro contest, so I decided to do this idea for Pro this year.

    Now, Before you say, "Not another naruto video...." and move on, This is a little different than your run of the mill naruto videos. It does something similar to whisper of the beast in that it tells its own story seperate of that of the anime, but the editing style and effects are completely different, in otherwords, different execution from that of WOB. (and I just know someone will compare the 2....) The basic story is between 4 childhood friends, (Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, and Sasuke) who through a tragedy (Having to do with sasuke and orochimaru) the 4 of them gets split apart. Theres betrayal, Vengence, death, and even a little romantic element, all thrown into primarily an Action video. This is actually my first real attempt at an action video. I hope it came out well. Please let me know if dispite being an action video, if you were able to follow the story at all.

    I wasn't originally going to explain the story, Since I thought the jist of it was pretty clear. Some people see it easily, but some can't seem to see it, so I thought I would put a section in here on the story, or at least what I inteded to say in the story/plot. I suggest watching the video a few times first to see if you can pick it out on your own first. However, it is a fast paced action video, so I know the story is kinda hard to follow and still apreciate all the action. It is supposed to have a somewhat chaotic and fast paced presentation, I kinda did that on purpose to make the video something you could see more each time you watch it again, to kinda help its reveiwability.

    The story's base is simple. I wanted to make a story where Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata and Naruto grow up together as childhood friends, and are basically always together, the invincible quadro so to speak ;p THe first scenes are to show them together as friends, and the first fight sections showing the 4 of them fighting other enemies is to showcase their fighting abilities basically (and just to look cool ;p) After that is where the real story begins in present time. It shows each character what they are doing at the time of the night that Sasuke leaves the village following the temptation of Orochimaru's gang. So far I am borrowing from the original Naruto series story. I have Hinata see him leaving though and begin to get suspicious. She then sees Sakura out-concious on the bench after Sasuke knocks her out. She desides to follow him to see whats up. She follows him into orochimaru's layer, where Kabuto tells him to kill her. He charges at her in rage, as hes recalling all the things that happened to him in the past as the source of his rage, and attempts to kill her with the chidori.

    Skip ahead, She is taken to the hospital where Naruto finds out and chases after Sasuke in anger. Big fight ensues between Sasuke and Naruto where Naruto eventually looses himself in the fight and ends up killing Sasuke. Sakura comes just in time to see Sasuke dead, and I show sad scenes with her by his side. The flashback scene of them together where Sasuke is about to kiss Sakura is to strengthen their relationship in the video. I then show Naruto by Hinata's side in the hospital (well hes looking in on her) and then flash back some romantic scenes of those 2 to strengthen their relationship in the video. I then show the funeral scene to encapsulate the fact that Sasuke is dead, with crying Sakura for added impact. Then I show more flashback scenes of Them together and as younger kids, then the group picture of them smiling and together as friends, then the picture shatters as the video goes back to reality where they are torn apart, and one of Naruto's best friends is dead by his hands, the other still in the hospital in acoma at the hands of said best friend. A single tear falls down his cheek as the video fades out. The end.

    Drawbacks/Anomalies to the story:

    Yes I know, too complicated for an action video ;p I was ambitious. The reason Sasuke went to Orochimaru and the reason he was able to attack Hinata in rage is also somewhat weak in the video alone. The fact that Naruto was able to take revenge on Sasuke so easily when Hinata wasn't actually dead was a bit weak also, but I couldn't bare to kill her ;p The fact of Hinata following Sasuke might have been hard to see in all the fast moving clips. Sakura suddenly at Sasuke's side after the revenge fight is kinda segmented as far as story goes, She just kinda pops up there, but I had no room to fully explore Sakura in the entire story, so I left it as is. In fact Sakura's role in the entire midsection of the video is a bit weak compared to the other 3.

    The Story is completely self contained, the song is used basically as an instrumental. The lyrics has no relevance to the story.

    Technical Details:

    Time to complete: well over 200 hours, didn't realy keep accurate count, but I pretty much edited for almost 2 months at least 4 hours a day every day. Sometimes longer, but I did take a few break days inbetween. ofcourse that doesn't include times to export, which was usually left overnight.

    Programs used: Adobe Premeire, Adobe Aftereffects Tryout, Gimp 2.3 Image editor, Standard AMVapp process.

    Source: Fansubs and Japan TV Raws. (mostly raws) Thanks to silvermoon for helping me with some of this. All subs and/or credits ofcourse were hand edited out, and filters were used to clean up all footage to near DVD quality.

    Editing Machine specs: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ on Nforce4 MSI Platinum MB with 1gig Balistix memory, 160 gig SATA HD and 160 GIG External USB 2.0 HD. Windows XP profesional.

    Specific Technical Notes:
    (only goign to go through the edits that people may not notice, or may be curious how I did them. Simple things or "given" things I won't mention.)

    00:00-00:08 - Bumper sound created using various old film, scratch, noise sounds with special effects downloaded from free sound sites ;p (yes i'm cheap)

    00:09-00:18 - Multiple scenes, I think about 7 different overlays cycling through scenes of the characters through a faded circular mask randomly apearing and fading out across the screen. Black and white and tint filters used to get the aged look.

    00:31-00:36 - Along with the aged look filters, added a slight yellow tint to match the other scenes, and crystalize effect on the edges (with another mask layer)

    00:44 - replaced Inoue with Hinata (by coloring the hair dark blue, and removed the credits from the opening scene this scene was taken from. Hand edited out in gimp.

    00:45 - Drew in Hinata as a child' hair over Inoue's.

    00:47 - ANother Hinata superimpose. Not as good quality mask as some of the others, this was one of the first ones I did.

    00:52 - This group photo is actually 2 different fanart pictures I found on google image search that I combined in Gimp to make a group photo of the 4. I couldn't find good enough quality images from the anime itself to use for the shot, so I resorted to the fanart. I would credit the original artist, but I can't find who to credit it to.

    00:54 - 01:13 - achived this blurred moving camera effect by lots of layers... layers of blured and regular footage, with another layer duplicated moving at a lightly faster speed and ofset the start position a little sooner than the bottom layers.

    01:13 - 01:18 - This scratched canvas like effect is a combination of 3 filters in Gimp on about 9 or so images cycling, overlayed over a scene from one of the Naruto openings, Credits hand removed from this scene's original source aswell.

    01:18-01:20 - Scene changed from daylight to night using various effects in Aftereffects. If you look closely at the scene I added the glare from the moon to various objects in the room and comming in from the window aswell.

    01:26 - Hinata is superimposed in the background, It was put there to help the story in how Hinata follows him to orochimaru's hideout, but the scene goes by so quick that your not likely to notice her.

    01:36 - 01:54 - Alot of shacky camera effects when characters get hit was added to make the fight scene feel more intense. Alot of onscreen action synchage going on aswell, such as the line sasuke pulls on the ground going with the rising pitch in the music.

    01:58 - Probably obvious, but I timed the mark on his neck to flash then blur out with the music.

    02:09 - Replaced the image in the photo with the group shot I made for the video (from the fanart sources mentioned earlier)

    02:15 - Hinata was superimposed into both of these 2 scenes, supposed to be Hinata finding Sakura on the bench, a nd deciding to follow sasuke to see whats going on.

    02:16 - Hinata walking into orochimaru's hideout was also a superimpose that didn't exist in the original source.

    02:19 - here aswell.

    02:21-02:22 And here, and here ;p

    02:23- 02:32 - Ok this one little section probably took me over 40 hours to make to the point it is now. Mostly thanks to Maverick's constant nitpicking on every little detail out of place on my masking or creation of the chidori in Aftereffects. This scene is all made up using 3 different scenes in the anime. the Prison scene with Orichimaru is the background, Hinata was taken from her fight with Neiji and adjusted the footage's lighting to match that of the prison, and Sasuke was taken from his chidori in the hallway scene with Itachi. I recreated the chidori as he was charging forward in the hallway in Aftereffects using the advanced lightning effect, since the mask couldn't preserve the original chidori good enough. theres also some lighting effects as hes charging to match the chidori moving from the back to the front. Yes, some insane amount of work went into a 2 second scene no one is probably even going to notice. awell.

    02:33-02:41 - I had originally wanted to show Hinata and sasuke fight a little before he took her out with the chidori here, but I ran out of time for pro to possibly even dream of making this scene look good, and I kinda lost interest after pro to change it, so I left it as it is, just showing kinda chaotic scenes like memories goign on in sasuke's head as hes blindly charging at Hinata in rage. I feel this is the weakest part of the video, but awell. I also created the chidori effect hitting Hinata at 02:41 using a combination of images made in gimp along with the advanced lightning effect in AE.

    02:44 - Hinata from neiji fight was superimposed over the hospital bed where Chouji (I think thats his name... the fat guy) was originally. A somewhat weak mask I realize, I could not get the aspect to match 100%. Tried to hide it a bit cheaply with the noise filters and stuff.

    03:06- 03:44 - Lots of subtle effect work here. Mostly Shacky camera effects ( manually did this by moving the motion keyframes around lots of times) Also used AE's warp and blur filters subtly here to kinda intesify the action here. all the scenes here are speed up quite a bit to make everything fast pace with the music.

    03:45- 03:49 - Most naruto fans should recognize this scene from where Sasuke was almost killed by Haku, I edited out all the needles from all the frames involved, and masked it in over the background from the scene where Sasuke and Naruto just fought. I tried to make it so Naruto won the fight instead and Sasuke was killed, although I didn't realy explain what Sakura was doing there all of a sudden... But I thought her presence was a good addition for the mood, so I left her in. I also wanted to infasize the relationship with her and Sasuke and the loss she suffers. (with the following romantic scenes ~ 03:54)
    Rain effect was also custom made in gimp.

    03:54 - Hospital sign edited to be english, fansub translation subs hand edited out.

    03:55 - Hospital bed with naruto changed to Hinata

    03:56 - this one was Sasuke changed to Hinata

    03:57-:58 - Door way with Sakura looking in on Naruto changed to Naruto looking in on Hinata

    04:06 Hokage pic changed to Sasuke. Ramp filter to match the lighting in the scene.

    04:07 another edit not likely to notice, Sakura is crying here, when she wasn't in the original source. Added the tears. (tear was taken from a scene in Saber Marionette J, also used the same tear base to make the last tear scene in the video)

    04:16 - Tear taken from a scene in Saber Marionette J and overlayed ontop of Naruto in this scene. Thanks to Maverick for suggesting the correct aspect image of Naruto to use here for the tear.

    04:22 - Images in the credits come from the Ending of Naruto eps 136. A special mask made in gimp gives it the ripped canvas look, and the song comes from the soundtrack of Mai Hime, a snippet of the song "the fairy tale they beleive".

    Special Thanks
    Special Thanks to my maticulous nitpicker I call a beta tester, Maverick, for nitpicking my video to death to the point of profesionalism it is now.

    Also thanks to the other people that helped in various ways, such as helping me find a scene I needed in naruto, Added beta testing, and other such stuff:

    Jasper-isis (Forgot her in the video's comments, she did help me with the wording of the text at the begining and some comments on the effects and such in the vid. )

    Anyone else I might be forgetting.....

    NOTE: Distro version is 512x388, due to all the fast action and noise effects in the video, this is the best size to distribute in concerning quality, compression, and playability on most PCs. I will probably make a 640x480 version available shortly for those of us with uber PCs that can handle them.

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