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  • Member: Nabiku Kikuta
  • Title: The Only Gay Soldier
  • Premiered: 2005-07-20
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    • Wierd Al Yankovic I'm The Only Gay Eskimo
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  • Comments: -_- Okay this was done like.... well when Athrun went back to the AA, in other words I don't know the correct date... nor do I care, it just means that my skills have improved seeing how this one was one of my begining ones. Seriously... I've gotten better... *points to Naruto AMV that won't work because of evil publishing company* Not a good example but either way... I'm more skilled. Now I'm gonna quit rambaling for my pride's sake and talk about the AMV. Not at all do I hate Rey, infact he amusess me greatly, though since I first saw him I thought he was gay and the thing with the chairmen only added to my suspecion. This AMV was not intended to bash him it was just for my friends and my amusement. I sugest not watching this AMV if you are either offened by this kind of humur or a uber big fan of Reyxsomerandomgirl .> I have more GSD that I'm gonna post here, like my slightly serious Athrun/Lunamaria and Shinn/Stellar as well as another one where I just went crazy... *twitches* these were all made during the summer or somthing like that. Anywho enjoy and leave a comment if you can. o_O

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