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  • Profile: Stuff about me...

    Age: I lost count at around two.

    Sex: Yes please! er... I mean female...

    Hobbies: Role playing (para/multi), anything to do with AMV's, and reading fanfictions (Not to fond of writing them.)

    Obsessions (no particular order) : The Earth Alliance Extended (I don’t know what is it is about them but they caught my interest when they first came in on Gundam Seed, that obsession further grew with the three new extended that came into Gundam SEED Destiny…) Auel and Shani (I guess that fits into the whole extended thing… but I obsess over those two differently then how I obsess over Oruga or Stellar…) The Abyss Gundam (I love that thing –huggles her Abyss model-) Athrun’s car (I wish they had that as a model), Bishounen, The NejixTenten and the ShikamaruxNeji pairing, Deidara, Stone nins... and... ice-cream...

    Absolute Hates (again no particular order) : Kira Yamato (I'm most likely the only one that thinks that…) Meer Campbell, Main male characters who are complete wusses (except Shuichi from Gravitation) Annoying girls that think there helping as they cry and scream when their love interest is in trouble, or when they hug said love interest when he’s in a fight (cough Kagome cough)…and how is that supposed to help?

    (Oh and thanks to my friend Chikara for the beautiful picture of my original ninja character!)

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