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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Demon Within
  • Premiered: 2005-11-14
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  • Song:
    • Chevelle Send the Pain Below
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Warning: If you haven't seen the anime, Tactics is canon shonen ai, meaning boyxboy romance.

    This video is from Haruka's point of view, looking at how he struggles with his demon nature, particularly after he starts regaining his memories. It touches on Kantarou's manipulative side, but I think it comes out romantic by the end.

    This is my first time using Premiere, so be prepared for excessive layering. ^_^; I had a little too much fun editing this.

    Audio: For some reason there are soft crackles here and there. This wasn't present in my wav, and I'm not sure what I did wrong when I compressed to mp3 (using BeSweet per the guides). I tried to fix/avoid the problem, but couldn't. I like the video enough that I'm putting it out there anyway.

    Editing: VirtualDubMod, Premiere 6.0.

    This is an xvid encode, so if you only hear audio in windows media player, I recommend getting Media Player Classic and ffdshow - both are linked in the playback guide:

    Special thanks to Flint the Dwarf and Madbunny for their help with Premiere, and their patience.

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