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  • Members: gambitt, moooooo
  • Title: Warmth (Sometimes)
  • Premiered: 2005-10-03
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    • My Bloody Valentine Sometimes
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  • Comments: A re-structure and re-edit of Warmth by moooooo.

    He made this incredible AMV around April 2004 that was rich with conceptual genius. The original idea came from the film Lost in Translation, and it shows in the interaction between the two main characters. A lot of the technical points weren't too focused, but the underlying concept of boy and girl meeting and seperating without much romantic fruition was too powerful, especially because the noise of shoegaze music fit lovingly with the intricate art and color scheme of Studio Ghibli.

    The video didn't receive much of a reception except a couple of his friends (including me) who took to it after a second viewing. When he asked me my opinion, I gushed on him and was granted permission to put a more conventional-AMV style on top to give it more attention. It took two days for me to complete the re-edit, most of the time just locating clips used in the original AMV. A substantial amount of time was given to adding more dramatic scenes to keep a viewer's attention while maintaining that great feeling of alienation both characters had around themselves and each other. A great amount of attention was given to improving the synchronization of the edits and the relevancy of sequence in the portrayed events. Not everything is sequential, but a majority of it is mirrored to the original storyline.

    The complete lyrics to "Sometimes" are not to be found anywhere, and only fragments or disputed theories exist. With that in mind, the song is to be treated as an instrumental piece, with only some lyrical syncs where coincidence applied itself. What's important is the series of events that occur between the pair meeting and splitting, and the beautiful environments that surround them.

    Also, very important note about the music, the song is filled with distortion and layering. Do not adjust your speaker settings. My Bloody Valentine are famous for their melodies in noise-rock, so don't complain to me that the audio sounds like crap. The music is NOT an encoding error of mine.

    A humungous amount of thanks to moooooo for letting me restructure a work of his and allowing me enough freedom to change what I felt needed changing. This is a tribute to his incredibly vivid idea. Also thanks to Zarxrax and AtomX for their assistance with remedying minor technical issues.

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