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  • Member: moooooo
  • Studio: murder city productions
  • Title: Warmth
  • Premiered: 2004-01-04
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    • My Bloody Valentine Sometimes
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  • Comments: Sadly my computer died during the making of this video, so this final version is basically a slightly cleaned up beta version that was floating around on someone else's computer.

    The video quality is par at the absolute best, so if you can, try and overlook it. I would have liked to have a version of this video with the best compression possible, and I really wish I could clean up a few things that I think are messy and take away from the video, but ultimately I just didn't have the desire to re-edit the entire thing. Maybe someday. Probably not. Regardless I'm proud enough of this to put it out on the .org, and am willing to accept any criticism. So if you're bored, throw an opinion and don't hold punches.

    And yeah, I screwed up the premiere date, it was actually 4/1/2004, not 1/4. Whoops.

    Onto some other little things about this video. This song is probably one of my favorites of all time. I've been a big fan of My Bloody Valentine for probably too long, and this song for some reason always stood out more than the rest for me. I had to make a video for it, but I never saw any decent parrallels to an anime I liked. I wanted to find an anime that had the same sort of subtle feelings that I felt in this song.

    The key element in this song for me, (as in most of their songs) is that the vocals are purposefully obscured. Contrary to what some people have thought after seeing this video, this song is encoded correctly. The vocals are aren't supposed to be heard clearly, which is the most brilliant aspect of the song. You know what the song is about, even though there is only a small amount of audible lines. Finding an anime that gave me a similiar impression was not easy. Lets face it, most anime simply beat you over the head with their themes until you can barely stand. After a long time of searching, I had given up until my friend Bob (Who goes by RandomBattle here on the .org) suggested that I look at some Miyazaki films.

    Then I watched the scene in Lost in Translation where this song is featured. It hit me then that the only anime I could work with in this context was Spirited Away. Essentially, I wanted to avoid the narrative of Spirited Away for the most part and focus solely on the relationship between Sen and Chihiro. Even though they're just kids, their is just so much depth and subtle emotion in their characters.

    Basically, I just wanted to show the arc of a relationship with this video. Nothing spectacularly deep or profound. Two people lost, who when together have found something beautiful. The great thing about this film, and this song is that nothing is concrete. You can really play around with the scenes to mold the story into something unique. There is quite a bit of purposful ambiguity here, so you could derive whatever you want out of it. A new story, a different take. A lot of people think this is a rehash of spirited away in 5 minutes, but I disagree. I don't want to get into specifics, because that takes all the fun out of it, but I think it's possible to come up with quite a few different conclusions and analyzations from this video that are not related to the open and closed narrative of spirited away.

    Or maybe this whole video is just about sexual awakenings.

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