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  • Members: odian0, Tallest
  • Studio: Slacker Studios
  • Title: SICI
  • Premiered: 2005-08-27
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    • Sin City Trailer Sin City Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: so, since the first amv i've done, i've always atributed joe as a collaborator. in fact, he's never done anything for Slacker Studios other then an image of me in my profile and letting me upload from his computer. but joe has finally come through, he made all the black and white images for me. i know it was probably very easy in photoshop, but i sure as hell couldn't do it.

    anyways, this is a trailer using FLCL. i made the entire thing in about four hours. the audio is shit 'cause i ripped it off of another video, and the quality is shit because..... well, it's just me. i got the idea from another video i saw that used the same audio and Cowboy Bebop. i really liked the video, but one thing bothered me about it. there was no color in it at all. if it was pre-movie and someone was trying to make an amv using a song and "in the style of sin city" then i could see that. the comics had very little color (until book 4). but if it's a movie trailer, then there was a bunch of color in the movie. i'm not a great (or even good) editor, but i decided i had to try to make an amv like it, but with splashes of color. i kinda did, and i pretty much failed. well, you'll just have to watch it and see for yourself.

    i had fun making it, and no one is gonna tell me otherwise. except for the demons in my head, they tell me otherwise a lot.

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