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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Fudomine
  • Premiered: 2005-08-26
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    • Rod Stewart Faith of the Heart
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  • Comments: This is a simple tribute to my favorite school in Prince of Tennis, Fudomine. The video focuses mainly on Kamio Akira and Ibu Shinji, with a side of Ishida, and looks at how Tachibana is the strength behind the team. Featuring Kamio is natural since he’s the Vice Captain, and he’ll be the one leading the team once Tachibana graduates. Shinji, my personal favorite, gets a healthy dose of screentime, and the others are based mostly on availability. There isn’t much I can do for the players who almost never get shown in the anime, and I avoided matches the team lost (the Uchimura-Mori pair).

    For those who haven’t seen the anime:

    Fudomine is one minor school amidst lots of schools in this long anime. The characters in this vid are rarely seen outside matches and comedy filler episodes. So I won’t accept complaints about using so much ‘tennis’ footage. It comes with the anime. For those curious about the story here, the current Fudomine tennis team are all new players with no real experience. They were freshmen until Tachibana transferred to their school. He united them, helped them bring down the old team, and led them to surprise a lot of people with their talent, considering they were an unseeded team (unknown, unsponsered – think of them as a poor public school versus regionally known private schools). As far as I can tell, Fudomine is also the only team in the anime that doesn’t have a coach, so they rely on themselves for everything. They’re pretty much the underdogs in the series, which is one of the reasons they’re so easy to like.

    PoT fans:

    Did you realize we only get to see Kamio play two complete official matches in the series? Kaidoh and Sengoku, that’s it. Shinji has two as well, Ryoma being first, but the second game is a doubles match against the Oshitari pair, so he doesn’t get much screentime. I ended up having to nab a few scenes from the filler episodes on the street court. I also hadn’t realized that the original doubles two pair has only that one match against the Golden Pair – after that, it’s the stacked line up with the Ishida pair playing doubles 2, Kamio and Shinji playing doubles 1, and Tachibana in singles 3. I couldn’t find any really flattering scenes of the Uchimura-Mori pair, so I stuck with the sentimental ‘afterward’ scenes, which worked with the ‘Tachibana as the ideal captain’ theme.

    I also feel like I should say something about Shinji. Kamio is easy to use, since he’s motivated by his loyalty to Tachibana, and the idea of leading the team in the future, he betters his game on his own. But Shinji, in my mind, has a pointed lack of self-motivation. As a tensai with skills at controlling the spin of a ball, and reading an opponent, he should be able to reproduce any number of ‘special moves’ the other tensai players have (especially the Higuma Otoshi he’s seen both Fuji and Oshitari use). And yet he doesn’t, he doesn’t adopt anyone’s moves. I think he’s still finding his own strength, possibly something they explore more in the manga. That’s why I had him with the lyrical section as the one trying to ‘find himself’. I don’t think he’s awakened yet. I’m fairly sure Ishida will be named vice captain next year, with Shinji being the ‘tensai’ singles player of the team (think of Kirihara’s role in Rikkaidai).

    And, just to have it said, I showed Fuji as Ishida’s opponent instead of Kawamura, because I thought Taka would have taken focus away from Ishida. I find Taka’s return of the hadoukyuu more dramatic than the shot itself.

    Very simple editing, no effects beyond fades, Windows Movie Maker 2.0

    It’s a well-known song, so it should have been used a lot. I didn’t check. I’m pretty sure this is the only amv featuring Fudomine, so it’d be original no matter what the song is. If by some chance I’m wrong, and there is another Fudomine amv out there, please let me know. I’d love to watch it.

    I had a strange error when trying to get this below 50mbs, and the original xvid encode came out at 75mbs (looked great, but was unusually large). I’m not sure why the first pass was so inflated, but I may end up reducing the resolution and using mpg in the future if it becomes a typical problem. At present, I blame the motion in a lot of the tennis scenes. I’ll probably stick with tmpgenc when I remaster my older PoT vids.

    This is an xvid encode, so if you have trouble playing it, email me at:

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