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  • Member: Roccket
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: Running
  • Premiered: 2005-08-27
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    • No Doubt Running
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  • Comments: Here's the video I created for the annual Fantasy-Movies AMV contest (last year held in Japan expo - Paris, this year in Japanim Spirit - Lorient). I didn't have much time to create it but I did my best though. I wish i could have started this one before but I couldn't because I had to finish my video for the semi-finals of the FM tournament (where I lost :/ ), and before that, I had exams (which I lost too :/ but that's not the deal...).
    About the video now. It's focused on Mima, the main character, and on her relation with the mad fan which stalks her, in the movie. With this song, I wanted to turn all this stalking and fanatic aspect of him into a deep and admiratic love. You'll figure it out by listening to the lyrics. here they are :

    Running all the time
    Running to the future
    With you right by my side

    Iím the one you chose
    Out of all the people
    You wanted me the most
    Iím so sorry that Iím falling
    Help me up lets keep on running
    Donít let me fall out of love

    Running, running
    As fast as we can
    I really hope you make it
    (do you think weíll make it? )
    Weíre running
    Keep holding my hand
    Itís so we donít get separated

    Be the one I need
    Be the one I trust most
    Donít stop inspiring me
    Sometimes itís hard to keep on running
    We work so much to keep it going
    Donít make me want to give up

    Repeat chorus

    (the future≠)

    Repeat chorus

    The "you" in the lyrics refers in the video to the fan. I wanted to show a kind of paradoxal aspect with this light love song, and the cruel intentions of the fan.

    I also tweaked the colours and such, to give a caracteristic mood the video. I wanted it to really fit the song. Fit it as I would represent it visually, which for me was almost blue.

    I don't know if I have more to say about it. I will surely have but not for the moment. So just enjoy, understand, be touched, laugh; cry, do whatever you want, but please don't be indifferent :) And if you liked it (or didn't) feel free to leave a comment, it's always much appreciated.


    11th out of 58 at the Fantasy Movies annual AMV contest :)

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