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  • Member: ladylelila
  • Title: Akane's Never Alone with Ranma *remastered*
  • Premiered: 2005-08-10
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    • Tiffany I think we're alone now
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  • Comments: yeah, i know. i'm doing a lucas and redoing my work. i made a remaster.

    i made the original in just 1 night of capturing the clips, editing the clips and all the while learning how to use windows movie maker. to be honest when i first made it i didn't think i did that bad of a job but then again i had made that judgement after i had worked on it for 10 straight hours with no sleep in the last 48 hours. then i posted it. days later, i rewatched it and realised how although it wasn't completely bad, it certainly wasn't anywhere near good either. i continued to watch it and the more i watched my own amv, the more i saw the mistakes i made and how much more i should have done.

    then one fine day, i get my hands on adobe premiere elements 1.0. it's basically an extremely watered down version of regular adobe premiere but much, much cheaper and that's friggin awesome enough for me. windows movie maker isn't bad for it being free but it just wasn't all that precise when it came to cutting clips and such. once i got better software, there wasn't much holding me back to remake it.

    the original one was the first amv i had ever done. this remake is my third amv. even so, i think i've made vast improvement between the 2. this time i took my time over a period of a week to work on it each night. having premiere elements instead of windows movie maker made things a lot better too.

    anyway, once again, check it out and enjoy. hopefully you'll agree that it was worth a 2nd effort!

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