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  • Profile: First off, I am 25 years old. I am a writer. I love anime. I love video games. I'm an insomniac. All of those points are the exact reason why I absolutely love anime music videos.

    It was my husband and friend that first introduced me to this drug of anime music videos. In my search for inspiration in writing my grand epic project and for my love of both animes and music, I began to download AMVs by the dozens. (I have made a donation to make up for my mooching!) Although I've pulled myself from that habit of downloading on a nightly basis, I've still been found to be downloading a few here and there.

    After watching so many--some that were mind-blowingly awesome, others that start out good but fizzle and others that were so horrendous that I couldn't even finish watching them--my obsession of AMVs has deepened, which means I had to try my own hand in creating my own AMVs. Considering I had no prior knowledge in such an experience, except for one small occassion, and armed with only Window Movie Maker, it was no small task for me to doing such a thing. The results are my first 2 AMVs. To be honest, I don't think they're that bad but I'm well aware that they're aren't great either. Anyway I now have my hands on Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0. It's an extremely watered down version of regular Premiere but it's way way cheaper and works just fine so that's awesome enough for me! I can't wait to get back to work!

    I have plenty more ideas for different AMVs. The ideas seem to hit me from out of the blue whenever I listen to a song and the images to whichever anime just appear in my head and match themselves to the lyrics of whatever song. I'm try to think of original couplings for song and anime. If a song and anime has already been done together than I refuse to even bother it. I also try get to get pairings that most can't imagine would work together but once created and watched, it makes near perfect sense.

    Then again, obsessions rarely ever make sense, but heck, i'm sure everyone here understands that. lol

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Spirited Away
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