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  • Member: RutKiskasca
  • Studio: Kiskasca Productions
  • Title: Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It
  • Premiered: 2005-08-01
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  • Song:
    • Will Smith Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the first video I have made to extensively use the effects rendering capabilities of Adobe After Effects. I also used Adobe Photoshop to a much greated extent than in my previous videos, this time for masks as well as still full frame images.

    I matured a lot when making this video, and learned a lot of valuable lessons. The last two videos I released, my Nausicaa video, "Truly" and my City's on Fire video were instructive in that I released them immediately upon completion. I had that insatiable hunger for peer approval to satiate, you know. Both of those videos initially contained glaring errors that had escaped me when I encoded and uploaded them. Both had bad PAR, and the fact was embarrassingly pointed out to me immediately upon beginning to pimp them to other editors. I had to turn around, re-encode the videos, request their deletion, and then re-upload them. I had to do this with another video I made earlier, but I can't remember which one that was. I think it was my first one. Well, it's just ridiculous to not learn from your mistakes, so with this video I carefully took advantage of the assistance of my fellow particular godix, IcyCloud, Brsrk, and the others on the channel before releasing it.

    This led me to the second BIG lesson learned during this video. In future, I will take a LOT more time considering the quality of my source footage, and improving it as much as possible before production. You know, when the idea for a video is fresh in your imagination, and you are just itching to edit, the clipping process can seem to drag on forever. Especially if you are doing what you should do and you filter that footage and get it looking good. Well, both this video AND my City's on Fire video were 99% complete when I noticed that I had frame size problems. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a notoriously ugly source, and I was working with the original Region 1 release, not the platinum version, so it was just full of little black borders left and right of the frame. When I started reducing the scale of these frames and making them move around the screen, you could really see those little anomalies. I could have saved myself a lot of time in post production if I had just scripted some crop and resize commandsd during the clipping process, but NOOOOOOO, I was too hot to trot, so I ended up finishing the whole video, then feeding all those source clips into VdubMod, writing an avs script to crop and resize them, and resaving them to another directory. Then backing up all the original ugly clips, and replacing them with filtered clips with the same file names, so After Effects would use the corrected clips to render the project file. This causes more than twice the hard disk space to be sucked up, and easily three times the effort. Next time, I will do more in pre-production (clipping) to clean up the source. WAY easier.

    So, on to the concept behind the video. I wanted to do a video that made Shinji look like an unlikely pimp. I wanted to concoct scenarios in which he was portrayed getting some ass off all the female (and possibly some of the male) characters in the series. I also wanted to really rub it in that he fondled his mom, so I wanted to accentuate the genetic identity of Rei in the video. Beyond that, I just wanted to make an inappropriate, ironic video that was full of tasteless easter eggs.

    Just about every single syllable uttered by Will Smith in this song has been synced with a humorously related clip. For example, the lyric, "Cigga-Cigga from Cuba-Cuba I just bite it, it's for the look, I don't light it." I have made the entry plug look like a gigantic cigar. The "Rey Del Mundo" or King of the World cigar, is the largest cigar I have ever seen or heard of, short of those novelty cigars that are 90% newsprint and 10% ashtray scrapings with some tobacco leaf rolled around them. Of course, this one is the "Rei del Mundo," also a veiled reference to mankind's aspirations toward godhood in the series, and Rei's role in their ultimate destruction/transcendence.

    I debated long and hard (no pun intended) over the inclusion of the Misato/Shinji booty call bathtub blowjob scene. My wife HATES it. But then, what wife doesn't? That's something guys only get when dating, and then just to keep them interested. I suggested a censored bar, or a "Too Hot for AMV" bar, but she said it would just draw even more attention to the act, and I said, "Exactly!" In the end, she told me not to bother changing it, as re-editing it would only make me watch it more, and she gets jealous of animated characters sometimes. Me too...I mean, she can at least buy blue hair dye and get red contact lenses, but where in the hell am I supposed to come up with an Eva and a plugsuit? that is WAY too much cardboard and duct tape, I don't care HOW miraculous you cosplayers think your skills are.

    It took me a week to make the video, and in that time, I learned what kind of destructive potential the slightest errant keystroke or mouse input can be in After effects. At one point, while working on the second chorus, I somehow shifted every keyframes positional data in the whole composition by about 15 pixels to the left, causing all the photoshop mask layers to no longer line up with the characters mouths or heads. Then, when I tried to fix it, I ended up resetting every single clip's position to 360,240 making a nice, orderly pile of everything in the center of the screen. Impressive to a neat freak, but not to an otaku. I was luckily able to not panic (too much) and repair the damage without having to start all over. I did end up editing the three chorus sections three or four times each, though. Much beer was harmed in the making of this video.

    I am in Germany right now, and I have begun shopping around for cons to enter the video in. I actually found one in Austria yesterday that has a rule against "blasphemie" so I would imagine that the video won't get a LOT of play on this side of the pond. I finished it too late for AWA pro this year, so I entered it in the expo. It is the last video I will be able to finish before going to Iraq, and I don't know if I will be able to edit there, since I don't know what my job will be yet. I will either have tons of fiddling around time with the lappy, or none at all. So, you will either see about 12 new videos next year from me, or none until AWA 13. Wish me luck

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