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  • Member: BP
  • Studio: Blue Penguin Productions
  • Title: Takumi\'s Fast and the Furious
  • Premiered: 2002-04-26
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  • Song:
    • Columbia Tristar Fast and the Furious Trailer
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Software Used: Adobe Premier 6, T-MPEG
    Hardware: Athlon 1.4 Ghz with 512 MB of DDR RAM (nothing else special though)
    Editing time: 50+ hours. (They got blury after three am.)

    This isn\'t exactly a music video though there is music, and video. The audio is from the teaser trailer of \"The Fast and the Furious\" and the video is Initial D, Second and Third stage.

    This has been the most challenging piece I\'ve yet worked on. I thought the lip syncing would be hard, but it was the sound effects that killed me. At one point in the trailer, a car gets shot up and then explodes. I thought I\'d use the scene where Takumi blows his engine, but that just wasn\'t spectacular enough. I went with a rough landing from another race, and I think the effect is good, but could have been better. I also struggled with the amount of crashes in the trailer. Several people suggested I use scenes from First stage, wherer Shingo is battering people with his Civic... but I had decided that for consistancy I would only use second and third stage (those familiar with the series know that the art style changes dramatically after first stage). Restricted to 13 eps and a movie, it was hard to find everything I wanted, but I managed to beg a copy of extra stage from a friend half way through and that helped a great deal.

    I\'m especially proud of two scenes: 1) there\'s a moment in the video where Saiyuki says \"This is yours, but if you win, you get her too...\" and points at Mako. The other sceen I\'m really proud of is the car jump at the end of the video... if you\'ve seen the original Fast and the Furious trailer you know why.

    There are two scenes I\'m not happy with: 1) there\'s a scene with a random sound effect (glass shattering) that I never could match. And there\'s a scene where Kyoichi says \"Lets go for a little ride\". The timing on the Lip Sync is off, but I really wanted the hand motion... so I never changed it.

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