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  • Profile: /me is a not so humble college student working out of Clark College (vancouver wa.) I do my music video work in Adobe Premier (upgraded from 5.5 to 6 after my first few videos). My first music video box was a Pentium II 266 with little Ram and little HD space. My current machine is an Athlon 1.4 Ghz with a half gig of DDR RAM (hey, it's DDR, it has to be good right?) and 40 GB of fast disk. I'm working on putting in a RAID array to get some use out of the RAID controller on my Soyo Dragon mother board, but as yet don't have the cash for more hard drives. So that's me and my hardware... actually, more my hardware than me. If you want to get to know me, AIM me as "Dahkrim" or e-mail me, As soon as I can find somewhere stable to host my videos and get a web page, there will be links to that aswell.

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  • Audio9.00
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  • Special Effects8.49
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  • Overall8.43

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  • Originality8.33
  • Visual Quality7.33
  • Audio8.00
  • Action Sync9.00
  • Lip Sync8.00
  • Special Effects8.67
  • Effort8.33
  • Re-view-ability8.33
  • Overall9.67

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    • Columbia Tristar Fast and the Furious Trailer
    • Initial D 2nd Stage
    • Initial D 3rd Stage
    • Initial D Extra Stage
    • Comedy
    • Parody
  • Chrono Triumph (not premiered)
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    • Aikawa Nanase Koigokoro
    • Chrono Trigger (PSX)
    • Action