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  • Member: Tyler_yj
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: Sweet Revenge
  • Premiered: 2005-08-08
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  • Songs:
    • Incubus New Skin
    • Muse In Your World
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  • Comments: Judges Choice Prize to the 2005 Kumoricon AMV contest
    Best Artistic Endeavor to the AWA Expo 11 (2005)


    This music video is etablished on a revenge story, the revenge of Monte Cristo Count. The editing style is very fast and in my mind, a lot of people'll said again it's a random editing video... But I don't care, it's not... Shame to them...

    So... for the others ^^ the music video'll be very complicated to understand if you haven't seen the anime. Besides, this AMV contains big spoilers.

    Lyrics of the song :

    New Skin

    At first I see an open wound infected and disastrous
    It breathes chaotic catastrophe
    It cries to be renewed
    Its tears are the color of anger
    They dry to form a scab
    To the touch, it's stiff and resilient
    Underneath, the new skin breaths

    It's all been saved
    With the exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin ?

    As outwardly cliché as it may seem
    Yes, something under the surface says, C'est la vie.
    It is a circle, there is a plan
    Dead skin will atrophy itself to start again
    Look closely at that open wound
    See past what covers the surface
    Underneath chaotic catastrophe
    Creation takes the stage

    It's all been saved
    With the exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin ?

    It's all been saved
    With the exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin ?

    It's all been saved
    With the exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin ?

    It's all been saved
    With the exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin ?



    Sypnosis of the anime :
    Edmond Dantes, who was betrayaled by his "friends", and was put in prison during his wedding's day, come back more years later with a new skin, although everybody thought he was dead.
    For his revenge, he become a friends of Albert de Morcef, the son of his ex-wife and one of his ex-friend... Albert, very young and trusting, esteem the Count like a real friennds, like a rolemodel.
    Little by little, Edmond, the Monte Cristo Count, will destroy the families of the guys who betrayaled him.


    MUSIC VIDEO : (you should read this comments just after seen the music video)

    It incorporate a lot of things...

    In first, a lot of graphic background :
    - Neutral elements, which have not a direct llink with the storyline and the characters, but which participate to the atmosphere of the music video, which put up the specific world of the music video, a timeless world, with beautiful and psychadelic colors, a world of sins, of decadence and hedonism, where we could smell the show of wealth !
    - The time, which is very present in the music video with many time visual elements... They give to the music video a kind of pressure, like a countdown to the Count's revenge...
    Obviously, it qualify also by the clock watch, during all the music video, which is a very big symbol of friendship / duality between the Count and the young Albert... It's really a symbol I like in this music video, especially because the editing is very fast, we can recognize easily it and show very well and simply the evolution of relationship between the two characters... For people who don't seen the anime, it's a gift of the Count for Albert in the first episode.
    - Mecha fights scenes, which are used in the instrumental parts of the song. They symbolize the rivalry between Albert and Edmond... and especially, they give a very good rythm to the music video, just before the chorus parts, consacred to the past of Edmond Dantes. Also, I thought it was interesting to break the visual style with these "3D" fights scenes...

    Next, the storyline elements :
    - The chracater profile of Edmond Dantes, his past, his revenge's desire...
    - The relationship between Edmond and Albert and also the comparison between them : Albert, his best friend, and his girlfriend Eugénie in comparasion with tha past of Edmond, his best friend (Albert's father) and his girlfriend (Albert's mother). We can find also the betrayal action...
    Edmond betrayaled by his best friends and Albert betrayaled by the Count.
    - Elements of the Count's revenge, his hate, his acts...

    Detailed parts of the AMV :

    - The music video begin with the voice of Gankutsuou, which could be seen as the very bad side of the Count. It introduce very well the music video theme, a destructive relation guided by the revenge desire...
    - The first instrumental part put the world of the anime, the world of Albert, with party scenes and strong visual elements... We find also the first apparition of Monte Cristo Count.
    - The first lyrics part is based on the meeting of Albert and the Count, introduce by the clock watch... At the end of the sequence, to set the pace, we find a very fast passage with a time element mix to an Albert sequence and the first present elements who cause hate of Edmond Dantes (in this scene, it's lurking passage of the present meeting between the Count and Albert's mother. But it still few elements, a hand, a mouth... I like that, put just little points without divulge immediatly. It's my point of view, but it seems me very efficient.)
    - The transition finish in the Count skin just before explode toward a mecha fight for the intrusmental part. It enable a good break... The visual style is very different and the sequences seems neutral, we can suppose it's a battle between Albert and the Count but we can be sure... It's dynamic and this first fight is timeless in the music video.
    - The chorus cause a new break with past scenes of Edmond Dantes... The rythm appease, Edmond remember, we can see the "young" Dolores (Albert's mother) for the first time and lurking scenes of the Edmond's arrest during his wedding day. This sequence finish by a fast editing with the present scene about the meeting between the Count and the Albert's parents...
    - The second rap passage of the song was the one of which I wasn't sure by my scenes choices :
    It's not a problem editing so but more a choice problem. This part is consacred to the two others families that the Count want to to detroy.... It's important in the anime, but in the music video, It was not neccesary. It's a big part of the Count's revenge but it hasn't direct link with Albert, except Eugénie, his girlfriend. In fact, this sequence don't disturb me really but I'm sur it's totally beyond understanding for people who don't seen the anime, even if I try to explain ! This passage contains too much informations in a too much short sequence. It's a succession of characters who had hit by the Count revenge, linking by some importants elements (for example the poisoned rin, the hided children...)
    The end of this part is edit like the first one, with a fast mix of scene whose an time element once again. It mix with lurking scene of Eugénie's wedding (one more time, a few passage which don't explain too much) and with a crow scene... The crow wasn't essential but I like it. We see it clearly in this fast passage and it's a symbol of ill omen.
    - This transition finish this time on the Albert skin before to explode toward an another mecha fight, which seem more dark. This part contains flashing sequences to put the beat of the song and to cut the fight with importants elements of Edmond's past or distinguished pictures, to bolster the violence of the fight. I suppose people don't see always the flashy scenes but whatever, it's better if I take time to choose flashy scenes too, I'll know always so... ^^
    - The second chorus is based again on the Edmond past, in comparaison with scenes of Albert's dream... We can find the same kind of characters in a beach : Albert, his best friends Franz and Eugénie to the beginning and in the past, Edmond, his best friend Fernand and Dolores.
    - Following this part, it's a transition sequence with scenes of present ; the rythm slow down and become very chopped-off. The occasion to focus in the main theme of the Count revenge.
    In first the cause of hate : the couple Fernand/Dolores
    And after, the means of revenge : Albert
    - The piano solo is the first idea I had after to begin the project and to find a song... It 's an important element of the anime, in relation with Eugénie... I knew it would be THE break in the music video, the occasion to focus more on Eugénie, a more calm sequence, more melancholic. This sequence enable to compare the past love between Dolores and Edmond and the love between Albert and Eugénie. The fast blood scene after the kiss between Albert and Eugénie give a more dramatic side to this scene.
    - After this break, it's a violent fast editing part which contains a lot of dramatic elements in reation with the Edmond's arrest. I like it, some poeple said, it's random, I see anything but one more time, I don't care, I love this passage ^__^ and if you see anything, look frame by frame but don't say me it's random :-p
    - For the chorus, the last past sequence, more longer this time, with the same main characters... It finish with a fast transition which contains three importants elements : a picture of Edmond and Dolores, a video of the clock watch which snaps, symbol of completed revenge, and the name of Edmond Dantes, symbol of revealed truth.
    - For the last chorus, I have choose an important confrontation between Albert and Edmond. This sequence show Albert betrayed, in anger and sad, cutting with black and white videos of people he love (His parents, his friend Franz and his girlfriends Eugénie) Fpor the transition with the last part, he broke the clock watch, symbol of friendship between him and the Count.
    - The last part focus in a mecha fight, cutting with a scene where we can see Albert take in his arms Edmond : a parodoxal feeling with friendship and confrontation between them.


    It's not my kind to write a lot of comments for my videos.... I admit, I was boring when I have completed it :p
    I'm really sorry for the language faults, I try my best ^__^

    I hope you'll enjoy this video.

    Thanks to Laria and especially Lain to have search ideas of song for my project.
    Thanks to Atvaark to have check my english one more time in my music video
    Thanks to LCY84 to try to help me to encode my videos :p
    And thanks to Istiv to have said : "Tyler, you must watch Gankutsuou, don't be froward, it's excellent"

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