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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: Brothers In Arms 2: Severed Ties (BAM Version)
  • Premiered: 2002-09-01
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    • Final Fantasy 8 Liberi Fatali
    • Nobuo Uematsu Liberi Fatali
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  • Comments: The final remake of my first Trigun video, Brothers In Arms. It's about time it was finished. ^_^

    The original title of the video was going to be Brothers In Arms *Remastered*, but I thought the video would have a sleeker edge if I made it seem more like a sequel than a remake, by giving it the title of one of my past attempts of remaking BIA. The past attempt was a version I cancelled because the song I was using (Korn's Falling Away From Me) fit well with the ending battle, but that's it. The rest of the song just didn't go with the rest of the footage available. That and there didn't seem to be enough footage, as it was.
    Speaking of music, the bumper music at the end of the video is Sunshower by Friedemann.

    The song Liberi Fatali is easily overused, I know. The final battle between Vash and Knives fits almost perfectly with the song, however, in terms of time and order of action. Also this doesn't necessarily mean that the entire video is just one big fight scene. The various memories and experiences of Vash and Knives are also included in this version, in a black and white effect to give it the "flashback" feel to it.

    This video has taken more blood, sweat and tears than any other video I've ever created, taking in 140 hours of ripping, encoding, editing, previewing, exporting, and more encoding. That's a buttload of work, and I'm proud of it, thank you. I also believe that this is my best editing yet. I've been planning on redoing this video ever since the first came out, but only started on it about two or three months ago. Shows you how lazy an AMV creator can be. ^_^

    A really annoying and odd problem with blockage came up at one point in the video's production (blockage meaning pixels standing out, mixing with other images, etc). Random clips would suddenly have nasty looking pixels. What I found to be even stranger though, was the way it was fixed: by setting up the clip's Motion setup (which allows you to move the clip around the screen) and setting the Smooth Motion to Averaging - High. I'm baffled by it, but hey I'm not complaining. Whatever helps. ^_^

    The BAM Version thing. Yeah.
    BAM stands for Battle Array Mix, which is fancy talk for the battle's original sound effects included with the music. It sounds kinda odd and can be distracting, but I did some experimenting by watching the video with and without the sound effects. I discovered that the sound effects, rather instead of distracting me from the music, made the video more intense and pulled me into the fight scenes further than without the sound effects did. So I've decided to experiment with it and see how other people like it. However if anybody prefers the video with JUST the music, there is another version available on my profile.

    As always, your thoughts on my videos are greatly appreciated.

    *The indirect link is hosted by Moobies, who has my thanks. ^_^

    PROGRAMS USED (in order of use)
    DVD Decrypter
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Adobe Photoshop 6.0

    Time Taken for Creation: 140 hrs

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